My First Experience with ghd Straighteners

Yes, that’s right. I’ve never owned a pair of ghd’s in my life, mainly because I’m crap at hairstyling. I’ve always had the same hair style pretty much and tend to just wash my hair and let it dry naturally and that’s that. I can do plaits and buns and a few other up dos, but when it comes to heated styling it’s not my forte. In addition, I’m not a morning person and if I have to choose between spending precious minutes on my appearance, make up always comes first.

I’ve always admired ghd as a brand, their advertising is amazing and they pretty much created the straight hair trend with their stylish heated devices. It’s a case study that any beauty marketing geek needs to look at. The cherry blossom ghd straightening irons come in a beautiful embroidered satin pouch in a stunning, high quality hardboard box. How can you not adore this?

These are the classic ghd straighteners, with the latest technology, they have ceramic plates, which are shimmery pink! You know the score right, they are beautiful. I was super impressed to see how quickly they heat up, seriously, just a few seconds and they beep to let you know. In addition, they switch off automatically as well as a safety feature.

Soooo, I’ve been playing with these for a few weeks now, I don’t need to go on about how great they are, as you all know that ghd’s are the benchmark for quality in hair straightening. I thought I’d give a little technique a go to do quick waves. Because I’m not good at styling hair, normally, if I want waves I sleep with my hair in plaits and wake up with waves, however, with the ghds you can speed up this process.

I plaited my hair as normal and used the straighteners to press the plaits from all angles, when you have finished applying heat you can leave the hair to cool and unplait to reveal gentle, soft waves. Please excuse my mid-growth fringe, which I wasn’t really sure what to do with! Really like the results and can’t wait to try out some more hairstyles with my new ghd’s.

My next step is to have a good go at curling hair with ghds, but I haven’t quite gotten my head around the technique, has anyone seen any great tutorials on how to create different styles with ghd’s?

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6 thoughts on “My First Experience with ghd Straighteners

  1. These are such nice GHD’s, I love the pink plates, the fact £10 is donated towards Breast Cancer charities makes them even better. Hadn’t ever thought of straightening over a plait before to get waves, great idea Jayne! xxx

    1. They are so beautiful! Have you see the metallic ones for Christmas though? They are even more amazing!

  2. I have these ones too – I did a blog post showing how to curl using them, it’s very much like curling ribbon and very easy once you have the knack – good luck! x

    1. Thanks Alice, that’s what I need! I’ll check out your tutorial and let you know how I get on.

  3. Such a great, easy idea for waves! I always use three barrel tongs but they take time, so I might give this a go when my hair gets longer.

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