Neve Cosmetics Chiarissimi Eyeshadow Palette

Neve Cosmetics is a new Italian mineral make up brand that has recently launched in the UK at CutECOsmetics, I’ve been playing with one of the pressed eyeshadow palettes, Chiarissimi, which translates as Distinguished, which isn’t the catchiest name for a palette, so let’s just call it the pastel collection!

These palettes are huge! The casing is a bit larger than the large MUA Cosmetics palettes (Immaculate Collection for example) and have a nice secure fastening. The branding is simple, but I like it. The casing is dark purple with the branding is a nice pastel green colour. It’s different to other brands, so stands out.

The pans are huge, about the size of a fifty pence piece and the palette has a magnetic bottom, so you can replace pans when you want. Individual pans are available so you can build your own palette if you wish. The selection is pre made and features candy coated, shimmery pastel shades. Here are the shade descriptions from the website:

Ice white (Ghiaccio bianco) – bright silver. Lipsafe and Vegan.
Unicorn magic  (Unicorno magico) – Duochrome antique pink with shades of light green. Lipsafe and Vegan.
Snob – gold / beige cold brilliant, elegant and bright. Lipsafe and Vegan.
Peaches & Cream – peach pink satin, delicious to brighten the cheekbones. Lipsafe and Vegan.
Baby Doll  – Duochrome hot pink with shades of fuchsia. Lipsafe.
Limelight – lime green light platinum. Vegan.
Caribbean (Caraibi) – turquoise clear and bright. Lipsafe and Vegan.
Oxygen (Ossigeno) – pastel blue with cold undertone. Vegan.
Bouquet – lavender lilac delicate, beautiful dark eyes. Vegan.
Fable (Favola) – completely matte powder pink. Vegan.

The textures are really velvety and soft, really lovely to work with. As you can see in the swatches the shades are quite sheer and shimmery, so great for really gentle and soft looks. The photo doesn’t do them justice. They all have loves of different tones in them. They aren’t really very glittery, more pearly as the shimmer in them is very fine.

I know I usually hate the arm swatches, but if you didn’t know already I’ve had really bad problems with spots on my forehead lately so very reluctant to show my face and not really enjoying photographing it either. However, I’ve spent a little time cropping and photoshopping so that I can show you some of these colours in action…

Overall, this palette is very pretty, but I think as a whole I would rather hand pick a variety of finishes rather than just shimmery sheer colours. I would definitely buy more from this range to try as would love to see what the pigmentation of their matte colours is like. This large pallette retails for £21.95 so pretty reasonable and a nice alternative to Urban Decay. Everything in the Neve collection is Cruelty Free and most things are Vegan and failing that they are Vegetarian.

Have you tried Neve Cosmetics?

What do you think of this palette?

I’m sorry I’ve not been blogging very much lately, a comment or tweet would make me smile 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Neve Cosmetics Chiarissimi Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I like the look of this, although I think I would prefer more neutral colours mixed in with the pastels… it looks lovely though- and that colour looks lovely on you!

    1. Steph, you should check out the full range, they have so many colours and you can build your own palette too. Such a nice brand, I look forward to trying some other things from the range.

  2. Jayne, you look beautiful!! Love these shades on you x

    1. Thanks Rachel, Photoshop helped hide lots of nasty spots that I’ve had going on.

  3. Hi!
    Chiarissimi actually translates as “The Lightest” as they’re all soft colours.
    (Neve names its palettes according to the type of colours they’re made of so we have, besides the Chiarissimi: “Intensissimi”= “the most intense”; “Scurissimi”= “The darkest/deepest”; “Elegantissimi”=”The most elegant”).
    The equivalent of “Distinguished” is “illustre”, not “chiaro”.
    Hope you don’t mind my correction, I only wanted to explain you that the name of this palette is not so quirky as you thought! 😉

    1. Ace! Thanks so much, to us English they sound so glamorous!

  4. Looks pretty good! I’ve never tried this brand but like you say, they seem quite affordable and decent quality.

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