Philip Armstrong Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger Scarf for Charity

Ok, so a few weeks ago I received a mysterious email from Kellogg’s, at first I was very confused, thinking they must have missed the pun in my blog title and assuming that I was a food blog again! But, surprisingly, they were email me because of something fashion related! I’ve been intrigued and excited since the original email, trying to guess what it could be. I love a surprise and a mystery.

This box turned up yesterday…

Not what I was thinking, I was thinking maybe printed t-shirts? Well, no, believe it or not Kellogg’s have teamed up with celebrity designer Philip Armstrong to celebrate 60 years of Tony the Tiger to create a limited edition piece to raise funds for Fareshare food banks. Fareshare provides breakfasts to school children across the UK.

The scarf is a redesign of Tony’s iconic red neckerchief . The design is a fun, bright red and purple design in enlarged tiger stripes. I just love it, it’s kitsch, colourful and so much fun! Never expected Kellogg’s to be doing something like this…

These beauties will be available to buy from 6pm on November 2nd for the bargain price of £6.99 each from Kellogg’s pop up shop on eBay, be sure to grab yourself a piece of cereal history and look ggggrrrreeatt!

I’ll be styling my new scarf in the next few days so keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter @JayneJRead for some photos.

What do you think of this collaboration?

Will you be queuing up to get a piece of the Tony the Tiger style?

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