Time for a Clearout!

This week Matt and I decided that we will definitely be moving house in January. We’ve been in our current place for two years now and as much as we love the flat and the location we’ve decided, for various reasons, that we would like to move closer to London. So in January we’ll be moving to South London to a town that is on both a mainline train station and a tube line.

Moving house stresses me out and I’m sure it stresses some of you out too, so I thought I’d share with you some of tips an ideas to make moving house easier. Hopefully, it won’t be as boring as it sounds.

Clearing Out 

Moving house is always the best time to have a good clear out, you’re going to have to sort through everything to pack so why not take the opportunity to get rid of some rubbish. Since deciding that we were going to move I’ve been starting my clear out, first stop, sell it! And when selling fails, off to the Charity shop!

Selling Clothing and Accessories

eBay is clearly the obvious place to start when it comes to selling most things. I find that eBay works really well for selling clothing and accessories and works best if you’re selling branded items, which means people are more likely to be searching for them. The downside of eBay is the amount of time it takes to list things and sometimes if you don’t list it correctly or end the bidding at an odd time you can miss opportunities.

Selling Books, DVDs and CDs

I used to sell these kinds of things on Amazon and eBay but in recent years I’m finding that these things just don’t sell for that much and are often slow to get rid of, so I tend to list on Amazon first and if that doesn’t work I use a quicker service. I’ve used Music Magpie to get rid of my unwanted books, CDs and DVDs, it’s really easy to use and they even do mobile phone recycling now, we all know we have some old handsets knocking around as a ‘back up’ that we don’t really need.

Last Minute Charity Clearance

Once I’ve done my best to make some cash from my unwanted things, the rest will of course end up at the charity shop. I found out recently that Oxfam are actually looking for more donations of bras! Bras would be the last thing I would think to donate, it turns out that British bras are highly desirable in places like Senegal, where they are sold on markets and raise money for poverty stricken communities. You can read more about Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt here.


 So, hopefully by January I’ll be ready to go and will have raised enough money for house moving expenses!

What tips do you have for moving house?

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3 thoughts on “Time for a Clearout!

  1. Wow, top tip, never really liked sending bras to charity! Now I know my big bras are in demand I will get them popped into Oxfam!

    1. I was really surprised too. Good to know they can go to good use.

  2. PS Love the picture you chose for this! 🙂

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