Bare Minerals Ready Luminizer in The Shining Moment Review

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never tried anything from Bare Minerals before, it’s never really appealed to me that much, but  in the past few years they’ve really upped their game when it comes to style, packaging and colour choices. They’ve recently collaborated with OPI and earlier this year they launched their fabulous pressed colour cosmetics collection, which goes by the name BareMinerals READY.

This week I’ve been trying out the brand new BareMinerals READY Luminizer in The Shining Moment which landed on the counters this month.

As with the whole range of Bare Minerals it is formulated without parabens, binders, fillers or harsh chemicals which makes it ideal for sensitive skin and those who are concious of what they put on their skin. The new Bare Minerals READY Luminizer comes in two shades, how pretty is this one?

This shade is called The Shining Moment and it’s a sheer, shimmery, sparkly gold. It really didn’t photograph well when I swatched it, so I’m just going to do my best to describe it instead. It’s a highlighter rather than a bronzer or blush so it’s a very sheer colour, use it on your cheek bones to reflect light and highlight the area with a warm glow.

It’s a lovely product, very pretty and a really nice product to use. I’ve been applying with the above Bare Minerals brush, which is just so soft and smooth. I’d totally like to try more of their brushes. Not only is this a pretty looking product it’s enriched with mineral complexes and kiwi seed oil, making it full of antioxidants and good for your skin!

What Bare Minerals should I try next?

Have you tried the new Luminizer?

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1 thought on “Bare Minerals Ready Luminizer in The Shining Moment Review

  1. I’ve wondered what Bare Minerals are like. I went straight from commercial chemical to making my own, and kinda skipped the bit in the middle.

    What kind of skin does it go with? I have yellow toned, rather than pink toned, so it’s good to have a comparison.

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