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My laptop has been on its last legs for about a year, I’ve been pondering about the best way to replace my laptop and have been desperate for a tablet that I can use on the go. Making a tablet my main device would mean that my laptop would just be there as a storage device and its failing system wouldn’t matter so much.

My first thought was naturally that I wanted an iPad, because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a iPad, they are quite frankly amazing. The only problem is the price, not many of us have that kind of money knocking about. So, when my friend (Hayley) showed me her new Kindle Fire HD, I was very interested!

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First off, it’s smaller than an iPad, so easier to take with you. It’s just a little bit larger than a normal Kindle. It may not have 3G which can be annoying, but there’s plenty of apps you can use without internet. I’ve been keen to find a way to make blogging more convinient and having a tablet has helped lots.

For blogging I can now use the InkPad app to type up the copy of a blog post whilst on the go. This is great as it means I can blog on my way home from events and whenever I feel like it. Once I get back to wi-fi I just copy and paste into the amazing Word press app. Then I just need to upload images and format before scheduling.

I’ve not found a way to get my photos onto my Kindle Fire yet, so then once the copy is saved into a draft on the Word press app I head onto my laptop when I’m free to add images and schedule.

For Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, the Kindle Fire is amazing. The screen is better than my laptop and it’s so easy to work. No complaints here. I would prefer to navigate these sites from my Kindle than my computer!

In addition you get the books you get on a normal Kindle and then you get your LoveFilm subscription on your tablet too, it’s great for watching films and TV. I’ve been snuggled up in bed watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Amazing!

So, if you’re craving a tablet but don’t have the money for an iPad, I say, 100% check out the Kindle Fire HD, it’s a much more affordable option and from what I can see it does most of the things you would want.

Anyone else blog from a tablet?

What tips would you give about blogging on a tablet?

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4 thoughts on “Blogging from a Tablet

  1. I’ve blogged a couple of times from my iPad but its really annoying how it formats images and layout. For example, the last time I tried there were loads of blank lines between the image & the text which couldn’t be seen before I published it (or preview). If you know HTML then you’re probably ok but the compose type apps are a little rubbish.
    Like you, I tend to type up the post (do people type anymore?) on the go and then add images and publish when I’m home.

    1. I’m on WordPress, so maybe it’s a bit different? I’ve not tried putting images on via the Kindle yet, but for typing and starting posts it’s been great

  2. My bf and I are looking to get a tablet and we’re both keen on the Surface. We have a PC and recently I.mooched my Dad’s old laptop off him which I plan on using from but a tablet would be so handy! I’m THE laziest cow in the world, so basically anything that lets me live life from the cosiness of in my books 🙂

    Steph xx

    1. If laziest if you problem, this is definitely going to help. I’m not even watching the television lately, as I’ve been enjoying watching shows on the Kindle Fire HD via Love Film, it’s just so handy!

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