Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Black Pearl Review

I didn’t even know that Bobbi Brown did nail polish, did you? I was super excited to receive one of Bobbi Brown’s latest shades, Black Pearl. This is a pearly black shade, as the name flipping suggests! Look at how magical it looks in the bottle!

Love the quality of this polish, it goes on smoothly and in one coat you get a great, even coverage. The brush is good quality and easy to work with. The colour is a very dark charcoal with a silver pearly shimmer through it. Very beautiful and sophisticated.

The finish is super glossy and lasts really well, even without a top coat. At £11, these nail polishes are at the higher price point, but for the unusual colour and top quality, I’d totally buy another one to try.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown nail polishes?

What’s your favourite nail polish brand?

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4 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Black Pearl Review

  1. What a pretty color. I found out Bobbi Brown had nail polishes a few days ago, what a coincidence.

    1. I would certainly try another one now, they are nice quality.

  2. Wow it’s gorgeous! Really loving dark nails at the moment x

    1. Me too! Berry coloured are my favourite, but this is great for when I want something a bit more elegant.

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