Butter London Nail Polish Jack the Lad Review and Swatch

I’ve been admiring Butter London nail polishes every since I first spotted them, so I’m excited to review my first ever one. I love the brand, it’s beautifully packaged and everything has fun names. Plus, all of the polishes are 3 free, which means that they are non-toxic. In addition, Butter London is inspired by fashion, meaning that the colours that they release are straight from the runway!

How stylish are the sleek rectangular bottles? I love them, but was worried that they would be difficult to paint with, but never fear, it’s just an appearance! The rectangular cap comes off to reveal a more ergonomic handle for painting.

This shade is called Jack the Lad, it’s a dense glitter colour with a dark emerald green base and fine glitter in green, blue and gold. Two coats gives the best finish and it’s a really beautiful colour with a glossy finish. I absolutely love this colour, it’s sparkly but without being tacky and the colour is really sophisticated.

I’ve found that the polish lasts well, it started to wear off the tips a little less than a week in, but nothing to be concerned about. I would certainly buy one of these again, I think they are going to be my go to brand for unusual glitter shades.

Have you tried Butter London?

What is your favourite glitter nail polish?

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1 thought on “Butter London Nail Polish Jack the Lad Review and Swatch

  1. I love the colour, and the fact that the bulky lid lifts off makes this a polish I’d be much more likely to buy! I’m normally not a fan of big lids like that as they make it difficult to apply colour precisely so the design element of the packaging is just brilliant x

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