Clinique Lid Smoothie Eye Colour Swatches and Review

Here’s another Clinique Collection for this, some bits that I picked up at the marvellous Clinique Press Event and a few that I already had. These are Clinique Lid Smoothies, a cream eyeshadow collection in dinky little tubes in the same style  as the Clinique Eye Cream.

These pretty eye colours from Clinique claim to be crease resistant, cooling and nourishing with anti-oxidant ingredients delivering colour that lasts up to eight hours. I’ve tried these in various different techniques to test out how well they work. Without primer I found that they did crease after a while, perhaps because I applied them fairly thickly.

With primer or fixed with some shadow I found that these still creased but not as much and lasted really well. When applied thinly they work best as this limits the amount of creasing. The colours are very soft and therefore very wearable, plus you only need the tiniest drop to get the colour pay off you want. I’ve been mainly wearing these are eyeliners with a brush. I find that it’s when you apply over the full lid that creasing is more likely.

From top to bottom I’ve swatched the following colours: Cute-cumber, Born Freesia, Lick-orice, Ginger-ly and Pinkgo Bilboa. How cute are those names? I love the colours, they are so easy to wear and very pretty. Retailing at £17 each I’m not sure I would buy them myself, but think that others might find them more useful than I did.

I’ll continue to use these for eyeliners but don’t think I’ll use all over my lids without a primer.

Have you tried and Clinique Lid Smoothies?

What do you like from Clinique?

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3 thoughts on “Clinique Lid Smoothie Eye Colour Swatches and Review

  1. These are really pretty, but I think I would be concerned about the creasing. And they seem really expensive! Oh well (: xoxo

    1. Yes, pretty expensive! I think you’re paying for the extra ingredients and antioxidant benefits. Thing is with the creasing, that it really can vary from person to person and if you would use a primer anyway or not.

  2. They are quite pricey & the colours look a little subdued – If I was to purchase them I think Id go for Cute-cumber, Born Freesia.

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