Green Party Dress Lust List

I love browsing designer clothes, I always have. Even if it can be a bit depressing when you find something you love and then look at the price tag and realise it’s never going to happen! This week I’ve been browsing various sites and found this dress from Alexander McQueen, it made me really want to be able to go somewhere where I would need a dress like this. It’s really beautiful.

So, since I’ve been loving Polyvore lately, I thought I would pull together a little lust list of an outfit based around the dress. How fun are these novelty clutch bags from Charlotte Olympia and Diane Von Furstenberg? They are so fun and such a statement.


Green with Envy
What do you think of this combo?
Do you like the accessories or would you go for something else with this dress?
Would love to read your comments or see your tweets @JayneJRead
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1 thought on “Green Party Dress Lust List

  1. I love doing this too – nothing wrong with dreaming is there? And oh my goodness, the shoes! 🙂

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