Hyper Japan Christmas Event 2012

Yesterday, I finally made it to Hyper Japan, a regular convention at Earls Court that celebrates everything Japanese culture. We’re talking anime, manga, kawaii, samurai, video games, sushi and more! It’s rather amazing. It took my Mum along as she is quite a fan of Japan too, much more of an expert than me, she has a collection of Korean Thriller and Horror movies and loves Japanese literature.

Here’s some of my many photos from the event. Here’s some English girls channelling the Sweet Lolita, Harajuku style and doing it very well. There’s not many places you can walk around looking like a doll, makes me wish I had taken the opportunity to dress up a bit more, it’s so much fun.

I love these ceramic animals with mini animals in the mouths, they make no sense, but how cute is the bunny?

I want to replace all pillows with these squisy, soft and super Kawaii cat cushions, but didn’t fancy carrying them around London afterwards, aren’t they sweet?

Here’s some more Harajuku style girls, the pretty pastel Lolita is adorable. At least half of the girls (and even some of the men) at Hyper Japan were dressed in this style. I love it. There were also lots of people in Cosplay (this is when someone dresses accurately as their favourite manga, anime or video game character) There was even a very tall man dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast! If you don’t believe me, check out Thom’s blog.

There were lucky cats on every stand, these teeny tiny ones were particularly adorable, smaller than a penny in height!

I don’t know what these wooden faces are, but they are rather cute too don’t you think?

These phone cases are insane, everything pink, sparkly, girly and cute all stuck on to one phone case. It’s mental.

Tofu Cute is a online shop that I’ve visited many times before, they were there selling Japanese sweets and snacks. I love the cute food with faces cartoon characters on their branding.

I thought I was going to buy loads, but I was so overwhelmed and it got all very busy, so the only thing I bought was this super pretty Sailor Moon necklace from Nerd Craft.

Whilst I was there I also met up with British Beauty Blogger and Thom from Manface, you can check out their very different accounts of the day on their sites too.

Did you get to Hyper Japan? Are you a fan of Japanese Culture?

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7 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Christmas Event 2012

  1. Oh my! I want everything on here! I love Japanese fashion, but sadly not made it to a Hyper Japan event yet.

    1. It’s quite an experience! I would try and go on a Friday next time though as it gets very busy later on in the day at the weekend. Lots of interesting stalls to see. You could spend a fortune!

  2. Oh I wish I took my best friend to see this, she loves Japenese culture especially Manga and J-Pop. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. They do the show at least once a year, so you should definitely try and get to the next one.

  3. That’s me and my friend, the first image! ^o^ I’m the girl on the right. I’m happy you thought we looked nice 🙂
    sorry I only just found this

  4. HyperJapan, is definitely a great show to visit, so much to do. I wish we had sat a watched the entertainment, but there is so much to do there is not time to get everything in.

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