Temple Spa Skin Truffle Award Winning Face Cream Review

I’ve been really enjoying using this cream, it recently won a Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Award so was keen to find out what all the fuss was about. It’s a pricy cream so felt lucky to have the chance to sample it.

The branding doesn’t excite me too much, but its class, sophisticated and luxe looking which is what most people will want from a cream that boasts ingredients like diamond powder, gold and silver. I love the perspex cube box that it comes in, its a nice touch, you open it to revealed a chocolate coloured tub. The tub features a hygeine seal as well as a main lid which always appeals to me.

Inside the cream is a very rich , thick butter with a creamy brown colour. At first loon I was worried that this would be far too heavy for me so I started using it as a night cream only. Since the cream contains diamond powder, for its light reflecting properties, the cream on application have a silver coloured shimmer. Once massaged in, the cream absorbs and doesn’t feel greasy, the closest thing I think the texture is like is like the classic Nivea cream, although much more glamorous!

You certainly notice immediate results, skin looked plumper and firmer. I also tried the cream as a day cream and it worked for me then as well, the shimmer helps enhance make up without looking sparkly and skin remains hydrated.

The only thing that makes me sad about this product is that its called skin truffle but doesn’t smell like chocolate! It sounds like chocolate, looks like chocolate but smells of nothing in particular.

This would be more suited to older skin to see the full benefits and to a bigger pocket who can fork out for the price tag, which is £80. If you want luxury that works and your main concern is ageing, this one is for you!

Have you tried anything from Temple Spa?

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a beauty product? Was it worth it?

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5 thoughts on “Temple Spa Skin Truffle Award Winning Face Cream Review

  1. composition wonderful
    sorry i’m italian
    i dont write well english but is very fantastic

  2. This sounds lovely. I definitely want to try some products from the Temple Spa line at some point. This doesn’t sound suitable for my skin type though.
    The fact it doesn’t smell of chocolate would be a plus for me though, I’m not a fan of chocolatey scented things (or vanilla or anything sweet to be fair)

    1. Hi Pampered Prince, Temple Spa offer skin care for 5 different skin types. At a Temple Spa class you would explore you specific prescriptive facial and get to try all the products. Get in touch if you would like any advice


  3. it doesn’t smell like chocolate because it isn’t chocolate that’s in there. the “truffle” in this product is a type of (expensive) mushroom.

    cream looks good though! am contemplating trying it.

    1. I know it’s not got chocolate in it, but the colour of it and the word association makes you think it should! 😉

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