Traffic People SS13 Press Preview

Right then, I’m thinking I should just move to East London as I seem to spend most if my time in Spitalfields or Canary Wharf lately! This is my fourth trip to Old Spitalfields Market in the past month and I’m there again on Saturday for the Vintage Fashion Show.

This is my first proper look at Traffic People, I always think their shop looks pretty but never get to browse as I’m usually with the hubby and he has little patience for pretty shop! So it’s get to get some girly time to indulge in some pretty fashion. Plus, I’ve been desperate to feature more fashion, so this is perfectly timed!

The Traffic People shop at Spitalfields is beautiful, papered with pretty pink patterned paper and adorned with vintage accessories to display their wares creatively its a haven for all those who love the vintage vibe, nostalgia and prints.


Spring Summer 13 sees some fun stories each pin pointed around a colour scheme and a key print. I loved the collection with the circus vibe, in my colours: red, blue and white. There’s casual pieces of pale denim, with fun clown printed detail mixed with blue and white stripes and the loveliest polka dot fabric. Super cute, fun and just the right amount of kitsch.

Lots of peter pan collars and cute contrasting coloured detail, how cute are the ruffles and puffed sleeves on this dress?

Check out the detail on the back of this dress! This dress was my favourite and I just love the polka dot, textured fabric they’ve used, it’s so cute!

Alongside the peter pan collars, floaty dresses and maxi skirts (there’s monochrome, teacup prints and exotic fruit prints knocking about) are a sweet collection of printed tees, I love this one with bubble gum blowing girls.

I was particularly enamoured with some of the accessories in the shop, these shoes are very me, black Mary Janes with bows and a wedge, the only thing that would make these better would be if they were in a colour. Patent red anyone? I’m not sure if these are current season or new, so will have to look them up!

Although not to my personal taste, the sparkles on these bags caught my eye too, love the powdery colours they’ve chosen too. It’s a more feminine approach to studded and I think that’s what appealed to me.  Do you like them?

Another highlight for me is this dress, I love the combo or two prints. The nude fabric has little doe deers on it, plus its pleated!

Overall, I love the creativity behind the range. It’s fun, colourful and a little bit kitsch. There’s styles and shapes to suit most too. My only bugbear is a return to my usual rant about fashion, why does everything have to be short? You can turn up hems when you’re short, but you can’t add length when your tall and as usual this problem is apparent again. I hope some retailers pick up on this soon outside of the idea of a limited ‘tall’ range that is often too tall!

Really loved attending a fashion press event, hope I get to more soon to reignite my original passion which was fashion! I used to do personal shopping and fashion styling when I worked in retail, so I’d love to get more involved with fashion again.

You can find out more about Traffic People on their website.

Do you own anything from this brand?

What do you like the look of from my overview?

Comments very much invited, in fact I LOVE comments.

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