Chancery Court Hotel Spa Christmas Cocoon Package Treatment Review

I was very fortunate to be invited to the Chancery Court Hotel Spa this week to try out their special Christmas Cocoon treatment package. This was my first time in a spa so I was a little nervous.

The Christmas Cocoon Package consists of a Oshandi Envelopement and a hydrating boutique facial. I went along having very little idea what this meant or what it would entail, thought it would be more fun that way. I did however go with the expectation that I would probably have to get naked and that I would feel out of place in such a luxe environment.

The hotel is beautiful, I’ve walked past if quite a few times as its right next to Holborn tube station, it’s very grand. The Spa is placed in the basement of the building with a separate entrance. The staff on reception were very welcoming and friendly, as well as the whole area being immaculate. Intimidating for a spa newbie, but when I explained that I’d never been to one before, the staff were very helpful.

I swapped by brogues for weird rubber spa slippers and headed into change, begin told the treatment would be best in the nude, yes, awkward, but I needed to give it a go. Popped on a robe and headed to the relaxation room, a stunning circular haven with a bronze ceiling. You can help yourself to herbal tea, water and fruit whilst lounging on beds listening to music. The height of waiting room chic.

I was collected from the relaxation room for my treatment, my therapist explained the procedure of the treatment and then we were ready to go. First step in the Cocoon experience is a brisk massage to drain the lymphs ( I vaguely know what that means), once this is done you experience a full body dry brush to buff off any dead skin. This is followed by a more therapeutic application of Espa exfoliation product and body oil. During each stage, you are covered in warm towels to keep you snug and warm during the treatment, it would be very easy to fall asleep.

Once the body polishing is complete the Oshandi mud mask to applied to your whole body in stages. The mud is applied warm and massaged in, the warmth was a surprise but really relaxed my muscles and felt very soothing. Once this is applied all over, you get to look like a Christmas Turkey as you are wrapped in foil, yes, foil. This keeps the warmth in and I guess, develops the treatment.

During the body mask development time you receive part one of a facial, as with the whole treatment this is using Espa products. I’ve never had a therapeutic facial before so this was a real treat. I loved the use of warm flannels and products and could really feel it cleansing and pampering (yes, I said pampering, can’t think of a better word!) my skin.

Next you have to shower, there are private shows connected to the treatment so you don’t have to leave the calm of the room. Once you’ve rinsed all of the clay mask off you return to the treatment room for finishing touches of body moisturisation and toning and moisturising phases of the facial too. Totally delightful. That’s the end of the treatment, you can then enjoy a glass of Mulled Wine in the relaxation room at your own leisure.

The treatment is a great relaxation treat or all over maintenance too. For this package it costs £115 for 1 hour 20 minutes of treatment time. Considering the effort and time involved I think this is good value, perfect for a treat or an amazing gift.

Really impressed with the treatment, the venue and the amazing service that I received at Chancery Court Hotel Spa, I will definitely be trying to visit again soon.

Have you been to a Spa?

Do you have regular beauty or relaxation treatments?

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2 thoughts on “Chancery Court Hotel Spa Christmas Cocoon Package Treatment Review

  1. This made for really interesting reading. I’m a spa virgin too so it’s good to get an idea of what’s what, although you’re braver than me getting naked! Where’s the photo of you wrapped up like a turkey?! Gem x

  2. Wow, the hotel looks absolutely beautiful – really well lit. I think £115 is reasonable given the setting. It’s also good that you’re not rushed as is sometimes the case.

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