Colour Xtreme Hair Art Peacock Stencil Set Review

As some of you know I’ve dabbled with bright coloured dip dye lately with varying degrees of success. Basically, I can’t get it to work without lightening my hair, which I’m not willing to do as I don’t want to damage the quality of my hair. So, when I spotted that spray on hair colour had made a return to the high street, I was excited to experiment.

Colour Xtreme have individual coloured hair sprays and two great stencilling kits as well. This one is the peacock feather set, which I was very excited about, such pretty colours! Within the set you get three cans of colour, three stencils and super easy to follow instructions on the back of the box.

In addition to the peacock look you can also use the cans do to creative looks of your own too such as dip dye and streaks, on the box they explain how to use a mix of colours to do a ombre. I had a go at the peacock stencil and photographed by first attempts for you to see.

The base green doesn’t show up on my hair colour too well, but would maybe be better on darker hair.

Love the blue! It works really well.

Black is going to work on any hair colour, this is the centre of the design.

Et voila!

Ok, so the results aren’t quite how I expected them to be. The packaging suggests using a hairdryer to dry each layer as you go, so maybe it would be improved by this technique? The blue and the black worked well, but the base green really didn’t work too well on my hair. I also did this in a bit of a hurry so you can see the bit of rogue blue colour through the back.

It’s a cheap product so well worth picking up for an experiment. I’d love to see how it works on darker hair colours too. I think I need to give it another go to improve the technique. It certainly made my nostalgic, as this is so something I would have gone mad for at school, remember those comb in hair colour mousses too? And hair mascara? I wonder if they will make a comeback too.

What do you think?

Have you tried any Colour Xtreme Hair Art?

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