Eysilix Eye Cream from Indeed Labs Review

Indeed Labs have been creating quite a stir every since their first launch, Nanoblur. It’s a Canadian company and you can find their products exclusively in Boots in the UK at the moment. After being recommended Hydraluron by  Caroline Hirons, I’ve been a frequent user of the hydrating serum.

When I saw that Indeed were launching an eye cream, I was naturally, very excited to try that as well. Well, I’ve been trying it for a month or so now, so here’s my thoughts…

The packaging follows similar styles to the other products in the range, the tube is super tiny and housed in a modern looking box. I love the flap at the front that unfolds to reveal the science behind the product and some impressive before and after photos.

Eysilix contains new technology called Nano-Tensor Delivery System (NTDS), which aims to relax the area around the eyes to immediately improve the looks of wrinkles and fine lines. The other active ingredients contain a range of peptides to work on puffiness, dark circles and other signs of ageing.

The cream is a very light weight texture and not at all sticky. You only need a tiny amount and you immediately get a tingly, tightening sensation as you massage in. You can really tell that the skin under the eyes is firming up and tightening. It’s great to see a cream deliver what it promises. Although it has made a difference on my dark circles, I think its strength is combating signs of ageing: puffiness, lines and wrinkles.

For £24.99 I really feel that you’re getting amazing results for a very reasonable price and although the tube looks tiny, it lasts longer than you think, as you need to use only a tiny amount. I can honestly say that this is added to my regular skin care routine and I will be purchasing when I run out. Now I need to try some of the other products in the range.

What do you think of the products from Indeed Labs?

Have you tried Eysilix?

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2 thoughts on “Eysilix Eye Cream from Indeed Labs Review

  1. I’m loving this eye cream too! Between this & Hydraluron, Indeed Labs have really impressed me!!

    1. Really amazing brand, can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2013. Need to try Snoxin next I think and stock up on Hydraluron.

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