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Day two of guest blogging for you, whilst I’m up the Eiffel Tour eating croissants and being a tourist (hopefully in Parisian snow), the kooky and beautiful Cassy Fry is taking part in Dressember. If you’ve not heard of Dressember before, Cassy will explain all in today’s post. You can read Cassy’s Blog and follow her on Twitter.

One month. Only dresses.

As you read this, there are hundreds of people across the world that are doing their bit to fill 31 days with fanciful frocks, to make this the most glamourous month of the year, Dressember.

The rules are simple; you can only wear dresses for the month of December, repeats are allowed, and you must document and share each outfit.

It is perfect for anyone who has ever made make-believe gowns out of curtains or pretended that they are a princess when they put a party dress. It brings a touch of glamour and playfulness to every day life. Just as Movember embraces masculinity and makes boys into gentlemen, Dressember is a celebration of femininity. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the boys can’t join in too, everyone is welcome. The Dressember spirit is inclusive, fun and free.

There are lots of different versions of Dressember and I love this diversity. You never know where it will spring up next or what the next twist will be. Everyone makes Dressember their own, which makes it a great spectator sport for style.

Where it differs from Movember, is that it is not closely affiliated with one charity or cause.  Although I have also discovered that New Zealand have a rather fabulous sounding Frocktober, which raises money for Ovarian Cancer.

So why are we all wearing dresses then? Each person taking part has their own motivations for getting involved. Many are bloggers or fashion professionals, but not exclusively. Many do use it to fundraise for their favourite charity, either on their own or as a group. There are lots of us that do it as a challenge or just for fun. The earliest Dressember that I’m aware of, is that of blogger Blythe Hill, who did Dressember in 2009 as a personal style challenge. There are now many different groups, on every online platform available.  Like so many other great ideas, it caught on and appeared all over the internet.

There are all sorts of different people taking part, some of us are love being in front of the camera, others reluctantly pose. A few have hundreds of dresses, others have just a few which they rotate, and some wear just one dress and style it differently each day. There is an inspirational mixture of designer, High Street, vintage, handmade, dress swaps and thrifted frocks.

My own Dressember journey started in 2010. Two sassy Surrey ladies, namely Juliet Storm and Katie Davis, started the Dressember Facebook group that kick-started the Great British Dressember invasion. I was invited to join in. The idea was the right kind of quirky to get my attention and capture my imagination. I loved all the compliments I got just by wearing dresses and it is a great conversation starter. It didn’t change the clothes I loved and brought, but I gave myself permission to be extravagant. Now I dress up whenever I feel like it!

The challenge with Dressember often comes in the form of day-to-day activities, especially in a month with so many celebrations. I’ve played laser tag in a dress (a stealthy black number) for a work Christmas party and I’ve been ridiculously over/under dressed in the snow (I think I have now mastered the art of glamourous layering). Dressember inspired me to start blogging, which is now a huge part of my life.

You can probably guess I love wearing dresses and I’d recommend the whole Dressember experience, but do you love dresses? What clothing item could you wear everyday?

Comment, share or tweet me @JayneJRead of @CassyFry to tell us what you think!

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  1. I think I’m already doing dressember without meaning too!

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