Jayne’s Christmas Movie Picks 2012

Second to my passion for beauty is my passion for films. I studied films as part of my degree and have always been an avid movie-goer. One of the things that I love the most about the festive season is the numbers of amazing films that are on TV for us to enjoy for free. I thought it might be a nice feature to pick out my favourite films and the ones I’m most excited about to watch this season from the TV guide.

I’ve chosen some nice light hearted, fun films that everyone can enjoy, as I think that’s what most of us will be looking for during the festive period. However, check out my notes at the end for some less conventional suggestions too.

Singin’ in the Rain

Christmas Day, 1.35pm, BBC 2

One of my favourite old movies and one of very few musicals that I can stand. In fact, I usually hate musicals and this one I actually like all of the songs in it. In the new year I’m desperate to see the musical on stage in London. Anyway, I love the story because it’s about the transition between silent movies and the ‘talkies’ so it’s got a bit of film history as well as great dancing, acting and singing. A true classic, which everyone should see.


Christmas Day, Film4, 12.45pm

I love fantasy films. Stardust is based on a book by Neil Gaiman and it’s freaking amazing. It’s got an amazing cast and like Enchanted, it’s a bit of a parody of the fairytale genre. It’s got magic, pretty outfits, handsome men, pirates and witches, but the sense of humour in the film makes it appeal to many. Even hubby enjoyed this film and it’s nothing like what he would usually like.


Boxing Day, BBC1, 3.20pm

I’m not usually into Disney films or romantic comedy, but around this festive period you need something fun and uplifting. I love Enchanted, it’s a Disney film, but honestly, a complete piss take of the genre. The story is about a Disney princess who falls into real life New York. It’s beautiful, fun and hilarious. Highly recommend.


Boxing Day, Film4, 1.10pm

This is an animated film from Japanese Studio Ghibli. If you haven’t seen any of their films before, this might be a nice one to start with. I really love Spirited Away as well, would recommend that one lots too. Essentially, Ponyo is the Japanese version of The Little Mermaid, it’s pretty, cute and has a lovely story.

Some less conventional and less festive options, that I would recommend…

  • Oldboy: Film4, Christmas Day, 11.20pm
  • Alien, Film4, Boxing Day, 11.10pm
  • Jurassic Park, ITV2, Christmas Day, 6.35pm

Tell my your film recommendations too! I need some new things to watch.

Comment, share, tweet me @JayneJRead and have a awesome Christmas!

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1 thought on “Jayne’s Christmas Movie Picks 2012

  1. Great movie pick, Stardust has to be seen just to see Robert De Niro wearing a frock!
    Ponyo is a delight, not a cartoon and definitely not just for the kids.
    I would recommend getting out to the cinema to see the Hobbit and the Life of Pi, both are too good to wait till it arrives on the small screen.

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