Our Visit to Paris Last Days

This is my last post about our trip to Paris, I’ve included some of the highlights of the last day and a half. My favourite part of the trip was our visit to Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, there’s lots to see on the hill, there was a Christmas Market in the courtyard of the church and the old town is really beautiful. Only problem is the endless number of people on the street trying to sell you crap gifts, fake designer bags and sketches.

I finally got to visit the Moulin Rouge too on this trip, I missed it last time and this time I learnt why our college teachers chose not to walk us along the road that it’s on. It’s Paris’s seedy district, almost every shop on this road is a sex shop, ‘sauna’, ‘spa’ or strip club. If you’ve ever been looking for penis shaped slippers, this is where you need to visit, you can get anything cock shaped!

A short walk from the Moulin Rouge is the Opera district and the famous department store, Gallerie Lafayette. The shop has a great beauty hall and sells a wide variety of brands amongst it’s fashion collections. The shoe department filled a whole floor with some absolutely amazing designs. If you’re in Paris to shop this place it a must visit. Otherwise, you should at least visit for the architecture. Check out the Swarvoski Christmas Tree in the dome of the building.

On my must do list for this trip to Paris was to eat at Laduree on Rue Royale. I had a rose flavoured macaron filled with cream, raspberries and lychees accompanied by a cup of Marie Antoinette tea, a black tea blend with rose and citrus notes. Beautiful experience, really pleased we did it. However, it’s worth noting that the menu and shop content don’t sell many things that differ from the London shops, so perhaps if you’ve visit the Harrods branch, you don’t need to visit the Paris branch.

I want this chest of Laduree macarons for Christmas please. The shop also sold a giant version of my chosen dessert in a heart shape and of course lots of macarons.

On the last day we visit the Pantheon, a huge Grecian style building, here’s me in front of their Christmas Tree display. I was too afraid to visit the crypt in the Pantheon, but hubby did and you can visit the graves of Marie Curie, Voltaire, Rousseau, Emilie Zola, Alexander Dumas and Victor Hugo among others. It’s pretty amazing, if not a teeny bit creepy too. I don’t like the tiny spiral staircases that lead to these kinds of places.

Really loved this trip, was very sad to leave. I’m sure we’ll go back again soon.

What’s your favourite thing about Paris?

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3 thoughts on “Our Visit to Paris Last Days

  1. That explains why we weren’t allowed to go to the Moulin Rouge by our teachers.

    1. Yup! I was really annoyed about it when I went with college and now I know why. It’s really quite shocking, not used to seeing so much sex stuff so blatantly advertised. There was a four story buidling entitled ‘Sexdrome’ around the corner, made me cringe a bit.

      1. Soho seems so tame in comparison, in that case.

        My OH just said he’s been to the Sexdrome and was too overwhelmed to take it all in.

        Moving swiftly on, I really need to get myself to Paris again. Have been talking about going all year and definitely need to go to Gallerie Lafayette. The dome looks so beautiful 🙂

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