Sandersons London Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea Review

This afternoon I’ve finally ticked off one of my must have Afternoon Tea experiences with a trip to Sandersons in London for their Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea. I went along to celebrate Hayley’s (London Beauty Queen) birthday, what a good choice for a celebration!

The menus are pasted into the pages of old books, with a ribbon book mark leading you to the right page. Our menu was inside a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice.  You can have your Afternoon Tea with champagne, cocktails or just traditional (and not so traditional) teas.

Sugar cubes are stored inside cute ballerina music boxes, which actually play! What a beautiful touch, don’t you just love that idea?

No idea how the waiter managed to carry this many cake stands in one go, but aren’t they the most stunning things ever? If there’s a large group of you, they bring cake stands with double portions to share or you can have one cake stand per person.

You get three types of sandwiches, sweet scones, savoury scones and three types of cakes. Accompanied by marshmallow toadstools, meringue caterpillars and a ‘drink me’ bottle.

You choose your tea flavour by smelling the four glass bottles filled with tea, presented on a silver tray. The Rhubarb and Earl Grey tea were the favourites among our group. How pretty are they?

The teapots are decorated with playing card faces and paper hats, of course! Amazing, you serve your tea through silver tea strainers into matching teacups. So perfect, the attention to detail is stunning.

This one was my favourite of three desserts. A plain chocolate tea cup filled with green tea matcha and white chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate flower and a sprinkling of popping candy. Bizarre, pretty and delicious.

The ‘Drink Me’ bottle is super cute, it’s filled with a delicious, sweet fruit smoothie. We think it was a blend of mango and passion fruit, so much fun! Finished with a hand written label too.

The whole experience was so much fun, delicious and magical. I would recommend to anyone. It’s quite pricey, especially if you have alcohol with your Afternoon Tea, but you’re paying for the beautiful location, attention to detail, amazing service and stunning food.

I took tons of other photos on Instagram, if you want to see more, please follow me on there.

Have you had Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea?

What did you think?

Where’s your favourite place for Afternoon Tea?

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2 thoughts on “Sandersons London Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea Review

  1. Looks fab. It has been on my to go list for ages. I really need to do this afternoon tea. So different to the norm x

    1. Go, go, go! You’ll LOVE it, so amazing, such a great experience and a lovely venue. I need to get to more afternoon tea experiences now.

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