Snack Time: New Treats from YooMoo

Everyone loves a snack right? I know that whenever Matt and I go anywhere, our plans are usually based around what food or snack we want to try. At the moment I’m craving frozen yoghurt. I love ice cream and the prospect of a marginally healthier option in ‘fro-yo’ is very appealing. When I spotted the latest offerings from YooMoo, I knew I had found the items I want to give my frozen yoghurt virginity to.

First off, pop down to your local YooMoo location to taste this amazing looking Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s chocolate frozen yoghurt swirled with dark chocolate buttons and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. Yum or what?

As a lighter snack (or a tasty side) visit YooMoo in South Kensington for their exclusive Yogwhiches, natural frozen yoghurt swished between two chocolate chip cookies. I’m hungry, are you?

Right, now I just need to find the time to get myself to a YooMoo store.

What’s your favourite indulgent snack?

Do you like frozen yoghurt?

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1 thought on “Snack Time: New Treats from YooMoo

  1. I don’t think there’s a YooMoo near me, which is a huge shame given how yummy these look! Then again, it is quite cold for frozen yoghurt…I’ll just console myself with that!
    Mel x

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