Tara Smith Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner Review

After the Tara Smith hair event, I’ve been using these minis of the Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner from the range. These items from the Tara Smith Vegan Haircare range are BUAV certified cruelty free and Vegan certified. They are also made in the UK. Some of the products contain organic ingredients.

I’m a bit confused about the natural spin of this range, which is something that when we met Tara she spoke quite a lot about. However, when you read the ingredients labels and the pack copy there isn’t much that makes this clear. So I’m not going to consider it as a natural range, although I may be wrong.

The press release states that the products are made of natural, organic and earth friendly ingredients. So although the range as a whole doesn’t state that it’s natural or organic as a whole, there are elements to the range that are. Everything is sulphate free and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, SLES, PEGs and animal ingredients.

Interestingly, the range does contain silicone. Which is an ingredient that many ‘natural’ brands would strictly avoid. However, for a hairdresser led brand, I think it’s no surprise that silicone is used in the range, as its the best ingredient for smoothing frizz and fluff on hair. Tara did make a point that she uses lower amounts of silicone than other products. Anyway, doesn’t bother me at the moment, as my hair really does benefit from a bit of silicone.

The range packaging is beautiful, it really caught my eye from the start. Nice chunky bottles with bright images of parrots on them, there’s nothing quite like it. The Shine On range is most suited to dry and damaged hair. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance but is slightly lemony. It foams like any other sulphate free product, gently, so if you’re not used to sulphate free it might take some getting used to.

I really liked using this combo, it did what it suggested and left my hair shiny, smooth and healthy. Interestingly, I also found that I didn’t feel the need to wash my hair as frequently as usual. Don’t know if that’s gross or not. But I guess it makes it convenient.

Well worth a try, you can pick these beauties up exclusively at Marks and Spencer’s Your Beauty Concessions. Only thing I would say is that if you’re looking for all singing, all dancing cruelty free, organic, natural, this might be exactly what you’re looking for, I’m not entirely convinced that it fits this bill as well as other products, although it is lovely to use nonetheless.

Have you tried any Tara Smith Vegan Haircare items?

Which natural or vegan hair care products do you like?

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