#BlogLove for Hello, Terri Lowe

To continue the #bloglove theme, I’m going to be bringing you a series of mini profiles of some individual bloggers that I love. First up is another girl crush of mine, Terri Lowe. Terri’s tweets are some of my favourite to follow, she’s honest, sarcastic and hilarious. Terri’s blog, Hello, Terri Lowe is the perfect balance of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Most of Terri’s features are focused on budget brands and ways to achieve fashion and beauty looks without spending a lot of money which is very appealing. But most of all, I love Terri’s writing style, rambling, witty, very honest and real. A lovely blog from a girl with pretty ombre hair…

Hello, Terri Lowe loves…

Make up: Currently LOVING the W7 photo shoot foundation, mainly because of the price and how great it is for £3!! Sleek Blush in Rose Gold is also my favourite thing ever. Oh and the Look Beauty range is probably my favourite brand too as everything is such great quality for a high street range.

Skincare: Jane Scrivner Rose Attar is an amazing facial moisturiser and I’m pretty in love with it right now, it’s pricey though at £30 so for a cheaper alternative the Tiana Coconut Oil with Rose in is an awesome compromise and comes solid in a massive jar so will last FOREVER.

Fashion: I love preppy style and the whole This is England/Fred Perry look but I often look like I’m actually going to school when I try to dress that way! 

Clothing: Anything TWEED or VELVET or BURGUNDY will do right now. Oh, and SEQUIN LEGGINGS. Love love love.

Snack: Addicted to Lime Doritos. They are my life.

Film:  Everything is Illuminated is my favourite film ever. It sounds like it would be so dull when you read the blurb on the back, but I love it! And this year Moonrise Kingdom has been watched many a time. Wes Anderson. I love thee.

TV: I’ve watched That 70’s Show every night for the last 3 months on Justin.Tv but I don’t actually know if I like it or not haha. 

Blogger: Sooooo many!!!! There’s yours* obviously alongside London Beauty Queen and A Thrifty Mrs which I admire from afar, but then I’ve met a ton of bloggers this year who I don’t only read on a daily basis but have become friends with IN REAL LIFE (zomg) like Victoria from Victorias Vintage and Tereza of CityScape Bliss!
That was awesome, thanks Terri. Seems we have a lot in common, except I would always go for Cool Original and not Lime Doritos. I too love Wes Anderson and Fred Perry.
*I didn’t tell her to say that. 
Who’s your favourite blog at the moment?
Drop me your suggestions on a comment or a tweet @JayneJRead

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2 thoughts on “#BlogLove for Hello, Terri Lowe

  1. I love Terri’s blog and completely agree about her tweets, she cracks me up some days!

  2. I too share your love of Terri’s blog, she tells it how it is which is really refreshing change to so many blogs out there 🙂

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