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Today’s #bloglove goes to Mandy, a blogger I was introduced to via the lovely Holly Arabella. My favourite thing about Mandy are her excellent YouTube videos, I’ve not been much of a vlogger watcher until I saw Mandy, she has two channels, MillyMollyMakeup which is the usual make up looks and swatches and her other channel It’s a Mandy Thing is freaking hilarious, I highly recommend this video in particular.

It’s a Mandy Thing loves…

Makeup: Need concealer in my life (M.A.C Select Cover Up – nw20) also loving Revlon Bitten Lip Stain Balms and M.A.C. Dark Side lippy’s at the moment. Dark lips are awesome.

Skincare: I use St. Ives Face Scrub, Sk:n cleanser and whatever moisturiser/eye creams I can grab at the moment. Haven’t found my perfect combination yet. Recently started experimenting again with a range of face masks. My skin feels so soft!

Fashion: I have no favourite labels right now. Zara as always have awesome clothes although I am looking forward to their new season of clothes… also Topshop come to think of it, and Asos are nearly always winners.

Clothing: But I love my grey dip dye cardigan from Topshop and any dress that nips in on my waist. Also love my wedge boots and my Doc’s.

Snack: I am addicted to Bagels and cream-cheese after my Nov trip to NY. So bad for me… tastes sooo good.

Film: I saw Wreck-It Ralph in November. It is a fantastic film. I recommend that. Got to say the Hobbit was a let down (sorry internet)

TV: GIRLS. I have been watching that show since the second episode aired and I was recommended it. It really is fantastic and just echo’s what I think post university life is right now and getting to grips with yourself in your early twenties. If that isn’t your cup of tea, watch Game of Thrones. SO good. Lot’s of action.

If you love the sound of Mandy too, check out her blog It’s a Mandy Thing and her truly amazing YouTube Channel, MillyMollyMakeUp.

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?

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