#BlogLove The Best Boy Bloggers

To continue the #bloglove into 2013, I thought I would make it a feature to highlight some of my favourite blogs in different categories. There’s so many bloggers now it can be tricky to keep track, so this is hopefully a great way to introduce you to some new blogs and highlight why I think they are awesome.

Today, I’ve chosen to focus on male bloggers, it’s a much smaller group when it comes to fashion and beauty so I don’t think they get as much love as they deserve. Here’s some of my favourites, although there are lots of others well worth a mention. Don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me which male bloggers you love.

Andii James Makeup Artist

Andii is one of my best Twitter buddies, he’s such a sweet heart. I love his YouTube most of all, but his blog is well worth a sub too. For make up tips, I love make up artist blogs and Andii is lovely. His enthusiasm and knowledge really comes through and he’s always happy to help out if you have a specific question or request. Check out Andii James Make Up Artist and let me know what you think.

Not So Lonely Londoner

Ok, so I’ve got to admit that some of Stu’s content does go completely over my head as he is too cool for school when it comes to fashion. However, I had to mention him for his awesomeness, he’s freaking hilarious and a great person to know. Stu’s content is witty, intelligent and sarcastic. I love his ranty posts about blogger clichés, for example, this post  delicately entitled ‘Shit Fashion Bloggers Do’. If you’re looking for a fashion blog that’s a bit different and intelligent check out Not So Lonely Londoner.


First off, my shallow side. Thom’s blog has an amazing layout and fantastic photography, that is always a good start. I’ve met Thom and he’s lovely, Manface stands out to me as you can really tell that Thom knows his skincare, his reviews and detailed and intelligent, a great place to go if you need suggestions for your skincare routine.

Unlimited by JK

I’m not a huge fashion blogger follower, but I’ve always enjoyed street style, as I’d rather look at what real people wear than what the rich and powerful are telling us we should wear. I first met JK at TOWIB last year, and immediately loved his blog style. Once again, the photography is excellent and JK always picks out a nice selection of street style. Check out Unlimited by JK, hope you’ll enjoy. I would love to do some street style snaps this year.

Pampered Prince

The fact that Pampered Prince is written by a bloke doesn’t really matter as it’s generally just an awesome beauty blog. I love the mix of brands that Andy features and I’ve discovered quite a few new brands via his site, much more interesting than everyone just writing about the same things all the time. Andy is also a fantastic addition to the Twitter community and a great person to interact with.

Which male bloggers do you like reading?

Who would you add to my list?

Drop me a comment with a link to your favourite male blogs, would love to see more male fashion and beauty blogs written by blokes.

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3 thoughts on “#BlogLove The Best Boy Bloggers

  1. awww Craig is not in the list 🙁

    1. I can’t feature everyone! I’ve not go Jaime London Boy or Prince Cassius or Mirror Reality on here, doesn’t mean that I don’t like them. Just wanted to pick my favourite five.

  2. Andy aka Pampered Prince 🙂 is my favourite male blogger and the only male blogger I actually interact with.