Butterfly Twists Folding Ballerina Pumps Review

One of the shallow, girly things that I want to try and do more of in 2013 is to wear heels more often. Being a tall girl, I often avoid them as feel self concious about towering over hubby and others. However, I do still love how wearing heels makes me feel, plus they make any outfit look a gazillion times better. On the other hand, I’m not one for the discomfort that comes with many pairs of heels, so I’m pleased to have discovered folding ballerina pumps.

Butterfly Twists are a range of folding boots and ballerina pumps, which are perfect to chuck into your handbag as a back up pair of shoes. I’m planning on keeping these to hand for the days that I do attempt to wear heels, I’ll need these to rescue my feet when I get tired of the heels.

I love the little boxes that they come in, perfect to wrap up for a present if you’re not buying them for yourself and the little box demonstrates how well they fold up.

These are soft material with rubber soles, which bend in half so you can fold them up to put them away. They are a comfortable fit with elasticated edging, although they don’t come in specific shoe sizes, but in small, medium, large…etc. this shouldn’t be a problem as the elastic makes them work.

The shoes are fully lined with soft, padded fabric so are comfortable with or without socks. I love this fun Union Jack print, which has been carefully created by individual stitched panels in my favourite colours. I also love the touch of the embroidered flag on the heel and the imprinted logo on the ankle, very cool. This pair retails at £30, but there are plainer version for £20, I’d certainly recommend them as a great, handy addition to your handbag for shoe emergencies.

The only problem I found with these pumps was that the fabric tote bag that comes with the shoes for storage isn’t quite large enough, but to me, that’s not the end of the world, I’d just pop them in my bag without their individual bag.

Butterfly Twists are available direct from the brand here or from various independent retailers.

Have you tried fold up ballerina pumps?

What are your top tips for dealing with wearing heels?

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2 thoughts on “Butterfly Twists Folding Ballerina Pumps Review

  1. Jayne these are awesome! If I would have had these in high school I would have been the envy of everyone. Anything with the ‘British’ flag in the 80’s in the US would immediately catapult you into instant coolness.

    1. Haha how funny. I flipping love America. These are my colours and they are so comfy too. Thanks so much Anabella for your link shares on Twitter too.

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