Giveaway: Win a Pair of Butterfly Twists Folding Ballerina Flats

I love my new Butterfly Twists folding ballerina pumps so much that I wanted to offer the chance for one of my readers to take a pair home. The kind people at Butterfly Twists are offering one reader a pair of folding ballerina flats in the size and style of their choice. Which ones would you want? Here’s some of my favourites, scroll down to find out how to enter.



Entering this giveaway couldn’t be simpler, there’s lots of ways to enter, just click on the options in the Rafflecopter below, you have just over a week to enter…


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49 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Pair of Butterfly Twists Folding Ballerina Flats

  1. My favourite pair of shoes (well, boots actually) are my 10 hole black Doc Martens, I’ve been wearing them for three years so they are super comfortable. Other than that I either wear trainers or black ankle boots as I don’t do skirts ;o)

  2. I own lots of crocs, hard to name a favourite but they all give good arch support and without that, well I’m a bit croc…

  3. I love these butterfly twists, especially the black glitter ones.
    I always wear really big heels because I’m pretty small but have to take an extra pair of flats in my bag, usually some form of jelly shoes which look a little weird but are the only ones I can squash in.
    I’d love some pretty shoes I can fold up nicely to save my tootsies after a night out x

  4. I think I would go for the Pixie Red, as the shoes I got married in were red glitter! I would love a pair, as now I’m running round after a baby, my feet get a bit neglected!

  5. my fave at the moment is a pair of heels but i need new flats i wore my old ones out now desperately needing some new

  6. These are awesome, i really want some, thinking of getting some of the boots, they look super cute. my current fave shoes are my irregular choice shoes, and having looked at the butterfly twist website there are so many cute pairs of shoes and boots on there that i would love to own.

  7. My fav shoes of all time are my Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Heart white and red wedding shoes – they rock!


  8. My comfy flip flops that I wear around the house,they are so easy to slip on and off! 🙂

  9. I have some black Topshop suede creeper/brogue sort of things and I love them, they’re so comfy but also versatile, I wear them to school but also at the weekends 🙂 xx

  10. My favourite pair of shoes are my black velvet LK Bennett kitten heel slingbacks that I bought in the sales on New Year’s Day 2003. I have worn them to death but still love them.

    They are sexy, but not tarty, comfortable but definitely not frumpy, and still make me feel a million dollars whenever I put them on.

  11. It would be hard to choose from my collection of Uggs

  12. my favorite shoes are my boots! I especially love my uggs because they’re so comfy and keep me warm in the winter!

  13. My favourite pair of shoes is actually a pair of boots that I can walk for miles in!

  14. What a fab competition I just love Butterfly Twists fab blog you have here too feel free to check out my blog x

  15. I accidentally bought a pair of butterfly twist ballerina flats last week. and honestly, before that, my favorite shoes are sandals. Because my feet are bigger than normal girls, and wider as well, so there was never a pair of shoes fits my feet. After I tried Butterfly Twist flats, they are amazingly comfortable and they don’t hurt. Now, Butterfly Twist is my favorite pair of shoes officially.

  16. My favourite pair of shoes are a pair of proper classic cowboy boots that i picked up in a sale at the Oasis market in Birmingham. Not only did i get them half price but they are the most comfy boots i ahve ever owned. Plus they give me a real confidence boost whenever i need it, they’re definitely my ‘bad day’ shoes!

  17. My favourite pair of shoes are all of my flats (with 2 small kids) i don’t usually wear heels…

  18. I have a pair of brown Cat boots with a furry lining that I love, so comfy.

  19. I don’t have any fave shoes right now, so so.

  20. I love shoes that are comfy and stylish…butterfly twist pixies look super cute!

  21. my favourite pair of shoes are a pair of flat pumps from new look

  22. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I honestly do not have just one favorite pair of shoes. My go-to shoes are my vintage 1970s campus boots, Frye harness boots and Sandgrens clogs. I love them because they are comfortable and look great with almost every outfit I own.

  23. I absolutely adore them! 🙂 Definilty the comfiest ones, I only wish they were rain/water resistant. But who knows, maybe they will be next winter 😀

  24. These are gorgeous! They look stylish yet not too fussy and perfect for everyday wear.

    1. My favourite pair of shoes must be my Birkenstocks, they aren’t super fashionable but they’re really comfortable and provide great arch support

  25. i LOVE the Elizabeth III blue ballerinas! Addicted to studs! 🙂

  26. I love my ballet pumps, similar to the Butterfly twists that I bought at Pisa Airport in a lovely boutique while waiting to get home, the are so Italian and even make my size 7 feet look dainty! 😀

  27. My favourite pair of shoes is a sky high pair of Messeca heels. They are a bit uncomfortable I must admit, but they always turn heads 🙂

  28. Love the velvets – WANT!

  29. Sorry – just saw what I was supposed to comment about. I love these: and I want them because I’m fed up of putting my normal pumps in my handbag on evenings out (my feet can’t handle heels for long…)


  31. I love my classic black Uggs, so comfortable!

  32. I love the black glitter ones. They are so girly!!!!

  33. i have my plain black flats which i absolutely love ! and i hope to win this giveaway!

  34. I love my danksos b/c they are great for my feet

  35. I really love flat riding boots or chelsea boots 🙂
    Fab giveaway, loving your blog, followed 🙂


  36. My red leather knee high docs rock!! so comfy, great in the winter & I can drive in them too!!
    I have the butterfly twist boots & they are fab!! took them on my Christmas work night out, great for tired feet
    My favourite flats are Christina in Black – they are very glam xx

  37. My favourite pair of shoes now is boots…exactly UGG… and a pair of Butterfly Twists (serena pewter black)..
    In summer i love ballerinas…
    I’m Italian…excuse me for the errors… 😉

  38. My second pair of Eve – Black Snakeskin for fancy and work occasion just arived 🙂 Now I’m hearth stuck on Harriott and Jacqui – Junio Jack 🙂 and to make tings more complicated the boots look wery tempting at the moment as well 😀 If I knew I would not bankrupt I’d buy half of the collection 😀

  39. not very flattering but my ugg boots as they are so comfy!

  40. Black flats…they are so comfortable..

  41. My Favorite Shoes Would Have To Be The “Roxy” SunRay FlipFlops I purchased From Dsw Over The Summer They Are The Most Comfortable Pair Of Flip Flops I’ve Ever Owned!

  42. I love my simple nude pumps – they look great, match with all my outfits and make my legs look longer (at least I believe they do:)

  43. Love them both

  44. Love those flats!

  45. I absolutely love my cat boots although they’re not very lady like lol

  46. my trainers as they are so comfy

  47. My fav shoes are Tory burch flats. They are super comfortable so I love them 🙂

  48. My favourite pair of shoes is a pair of boots (Hogl)

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