Illamasqua Imperfection Blusher Duo in Lover & Hussy Review

Hooray! Illamasqua’s new Imperfection collection launches today! Who else is excited? So today, I thought I would share with you my favourite new items in the collection, I’m surprised to say that it’s not the speckle nails, although I’m loving those too, but instead it’s the blushers.

It was only recently that I discovered my love for blushers and I can easily say that Illamasqua do some of my favourite colours and formulas. Within the new Imperfection collection there are two exciting new lines to the blusher range: Blusher Duos in a range of excellent colour pairings and a brand new brush, the Blush Up Brush.

Here’s the beautiful blusher duo in Lover and Hussy which I’m currently completely in love with and have been wearing everyday since I got my hands on it…

At first glance these colours look extreme, most people would think that these sherbet inspired hues would look way over the top on the skin and you would be right! It you apply this colour full on you get a very dramatic finish, but apply just a dusting and you can have a natural, subtle wash of colour too.

Lover is the orange shade, which is described on the website as soft apricot, I think this sums it up well, but to me it reminds me of the colour of Fruit Salad sweets. Hussy is the pink, which is almost neon, maybe I’d describe it as a candy neon? Does that even make sense? Here they are in true beauty blogger style, swatched…

The new Blush Up Brush, is very clever, designed with a new blusher technique in mind. David Horne explained it perfectly at the press event, saying that this brush application technique is a push up bra for your cheeks. Whereas normally, us girls tend to apply blush in circles, this application encourages upward application on the cheek bones to emphasise this feature. It’s super easy and I’ll make a video demo soon. The application is basically stamp the brush into your cheekbone and sweep up, for an almost ombre blusher look.

Here it is applied, I couldn’t choose which colour so wore both together, which I think looks pretty amazing…

I applied Lover to the top of my cheek bones and Hussy to the bottom, all applied with the super awesome, dense Blush Up Brush, which I urge every blusher fan to give a go, so simple and so effective. In the photo above I’m also wearing the new Immodest Lipstick with Skin Base Foundation, also both from Illamasqua.

Which items are you most excited about from Illamasqua Imperfection?

Do you love the Blusher Duos too?

Let me know what you think in a comment or on Twitter @JayneJRead

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6 thoughts on “Illamasqua Imperfection Blusher Duo in Lover & Hussy Review

  1. So pretty! Quite like the look of Lover, I don’t own any shade like that. I do love Illamasqua and purchased quite a few items in their sale! Immodest looks similar to MAC’s Moxie in your picture 🙂

    1. So pretty! These colours look great together as well don’t you think? I’m not a MAC fan so not familiar with that shade. I’ll be reviewing the lipstick separately soon, but trying to space out my reviews so the blog isn’t just about Illamasqua for a week!

  2. I REALLY love the look of this brush, I hate it when brushes are too ‘floppy’!

  3. Yep, I’m sold, but then Illamasqua is my favourite brand.

    I’m even buying the green lip gloss.

  4. *Sigh* My longing to try Illamasqua continues – I love the idea behind the new brush, a great ‘instant cheekbone’ effect x

    1. It’s AMAZING. I will try and do a video of the new Illamasqua techniques soon as they are so simple and effective.

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