Illamasqua ImPerfection SS 13 Collection Event

So it’s that time of year again when my all time favourite make up brand (honestly, it’s love!) Illamasqua reveal their new concepts. I say concepts because Illamasqua  is as much about  ideas, techniques and new trends as it is about  the actual products.

 Following  on from Generation Q of AW 12, Illamasqua continue to break conventions and invent new ideas when it comes to beauty, whereas Generation Q was about perceptions of age in beauty, this collection is about imperfections of all types. Investigating what we perceive as imperfections and juxtaposing these with perceived perfect images too.

In the model shot  we see mega freckles celebrated in hazy, natural colours and clashing with artificial, plastic looking green lipgloss, don’t be surprised, these are the guys that made teal lips OK. The green lipgloss is named Shoot and if you’re not brave enough to wear it alone, apparently, mixed with reds it makes excellent berry tones.

And more freckles, this time, Alex Box reveals freckles in a egg shape ‘blush’ effect against a perfect canvas…

A model with a natural port wine stain on her face in transformed in true Alex Box abstract style, making  you forget the  models “Imperfection” and she looks stunning.

The most conventionally beautiful image showcases new styles in blush application and liquid eyeliner application. For blush, David teaches us to steer away from huge bridge  and circular application and instead, create instant cheekbones with their new oval blushed brush which I’ll demo soon.

For liquid eyeliner, the team are encouraging experimental and a gung ho approach to application to create stunning feather effect eyeliner which can be adapted  in so many ways, don’t worry about making a mess, just go for it. My eye makeup was done by make up artist Daniel, who was also responsible for my first ever make up purchase from Illamasqua. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Everyone is going to love  the new nail trend from Illamasqua. Inspired by unique patterns that appear on eggs, they have combined on trend pastel shade  with matte glitter  particles to create eggshell nails! Mini Eggs nails anyone?

Can’t choose which fabulous Illamasqua blusher to try? Have two in one with the blush duos in a range and eye catching shades, plus the new brush is a perfect  fit with these.

And here’s the line up in it’s little nest, see anything you fancy? The pink lipstick is rather special if you’re looking for a easy pick up! The whole collection launches on the 31st January online and in store. I can’t wait to show you the products in more detail!

What do you think of the Illamasqua concept this time?

Which items are you most excited about?

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6 thoughts on “Illamasqua ImPerfection SS 13 Collection Event

  1. I have my eye on the entire collection.

    I also thought of Mini Eggs when I saw the nail polishes as well 😀

  2. I love this collection!


  3. Yum mini eggs! Pretty nail varnishes but I really like that speckled eye liner, simple but visually beautiful x

  4. everything about this collection is perfect, the eyeliner looks great on you! The lilac nail polish is my favourite, it’s so unique and such a pretty colour!

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