Indeed Labs Snoxin Peptide Serum Review

I’m continuing my love affair with all things Indeed Labs this month! I’m converted to Hydraluron and have been enjoying the tightening effects of their Eysilix eye cream, this month I’ve been trying Snoxin for the first time. This clever little serum claims to be better than most expensive serums, tests showing 52% reduction in dynamic wrinkles and 28% decrease in sagginess, so you’ve got to want to give it a go if signs of ageing are a concern of yours.

Designed to reduce contractions in the face which cause wrinkles and increase and improve the production of collagen, this £30 serum begins to sound too good to be true. The tube is the same size as Hydraluron, but as with it’s friend you don’t need much to do the job. I’ve been using it as my first product after toner both morning and night and here’s what I think…

I don’t reckon my skin is aged enough to really notice much change in relation to wrinkles. However, I can report that my skin has felt and looked smoother and firmer since using the product. The texture of the product is lovely and silky and very easy to apply without any nasty stickiness. I think prolonged use will certainly be in order to see the best results and I can’t wait to see what it can do in the long term. For a product containing Matrixly 3000 peptides, you’re getting a complete bargain, so it’s well worth a test for anyone looking for improved skin texture and reduction in ageing signs.

Have you tried any Indeed Labs products?

Do you use any peptide skincare products?

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8 thoughts on “Indeed Labs Snoxin Peptide Serum Review

  1. I really want to try this. Same reasons as you, I loved the Hydraluron & Eysilix. Although I’m not sure I’m showing the signs of ageing enough to benefit from it yet either. Still, doesn’t stop me from wanting it lol

    1. Try it anyway Andy, you will love it. Leaves a lovely smooth texture, I think I would still repurchase.

  2. I really want to try this. I am in love with the Hydraluron. I am not really at an age to be using anti-wrinkle stuff either but they do say if you start using them earlier in life you get less wrinkles later. x

    1. Yes, combating the signs of ageing early are always a good thing. It’s just about using the right products for your age. I think this would be suitable for any age, but the improvements would be more visible on older skin I reckon.

  3. I have Hydraluron and have just ordered the eysilix, my 30+ skin is just starting to show ageing signs so it’s probably worth me buying this. I don’t think i’ve seen this one in my boots store so may have to be another order.

    1. Well worth a try. Like I say, can’t see the signs of ageing much improved for me yet, but I love that it’s made my skin super smooth.

  4. I have just pruchased snoxin today. So combining that with macadamia oil products; lines, wrinlkes etc so be given the boot.
    Both these products are not expensive either.

  5. Just bought the snoxin at the local drugstore and am very excited to try it. I am in my early 30s and have pretty young looking skin EXCEPT this horribly deep wrinkly inbetween my eyes… crossing my fingers and toes!

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