More Love for Clarks Shoes

I love shoes, but I also love comfort. As much as I would love to be the sort of person who can wear sky high, platform heels daily, I’m not. Fortunately, I don’t need to either as I’m so tall to begin with, if I wear heels I tower over others and feel a bit freakish. When I’m shopping for everyday shoes, I tend to stick to two brands: Red or Dead and Clarks. Everyone’s heard of Clarks shoes, but how many of you actually buy them?

I’m sure some of you will pull a face at the idea of shopping in Clarks, it’s generally linked with school shoes as a child and old ladies. However, as time as gone by, they have really upped their game. Yes, you can still buy school shoes and old lady shoes, but there’s not a good range of fashion inspired styles and interesting collaborations with the likes of Mary Portas, that combine style, comfort and quality.

Here’s some examples of some recent styles that really demonstrate the diversity of Clarks shoes styles.

Brogues. They are classic and suit all sorts of ages and styles. I have these Clarks shoes in tan leather and I wear them so much. They are padded inside and a high quality leather that wears really well. These monochrome brogues, are super on trend (I hate that phrase) for Spring Summer 2013.

These pretty blue suede heels are classic. They make me think of 1940’s and would look very vintage with a pretty dress or jeans. Yes, they might look old fashioned on a older lady, but teamed with the right outfit, these will look super cute.

This new style from the new Spring Summer 2013 collection is beautiful, so classic and elegant. I love the soft pink patent, which is so not my usual thing.

Do you ever shop in Clarks?

What do you think of the brand?

Let me know in a comment or tweet me @JayneJRead

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1 thought on “More Love for Clarks Shoes

  1. oooh, that last pair are gorgeous!

    Clarks have those lovely cushion insoles, so comfy!

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