My Day as a Special K Billboard Model…

Yes, really. I honestly never thought I would be saying that. When I was approached by the lovely team at Kellogg’s to get involved with their new campaign for Special K, I very nearly said no. I’m not a diet fan, I’m fortunate that I’m generally happy with my figure and believe that everything should be enjoyed with balance, rather than stressing over fad diets and taking the fun out of life. So if I had been promoting the old school version of Special K, it wouldn’t have felt right.

However, I was certainly intrigued to see what the Kellogg’s team had in store to bring this brand a new look for 2013, so with the offer of pampering and a day out at Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush, I thought, why not, let’s see what happens. Kellogg’s invited us to take part in a photoshoot day to help promote Special K’s new message for 2013, which I’ll explain later…

There were ten fabulous bloggers taking part, mummy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and beauty bloggers of all shapes, sizes and ages. We met up at the swanky Special K lounge for the pampering to begin.

We worked with a professional hair and make up artist to get glammed up ready for our photoshoot. I wanted to look like me for these photos, so asked for a soft vintage look to compliment my outfit, I think we got it spot on.

Whilst waiting for our photoshoot, we were treated to a mini colour consultation with Colour Me Beautiful consultant, Charlotte. Colour consultation is derived from very traditional sciences which analyse which colours suit your skin, hair and eye colours the best. You get to wear this weird bib thing and look like a clown, which the consultant talks through which shades would work best for you. Here’s Charlotte looking smiley and me wearing the colours that suit me best.

Once it was our turn, we were interviewed by the Special K team to come up with a word to describe what quality we want to gain in 2013. The new campaign is based around how you feel rather than slimming, which is the usual Special K way, this is a much more appealing style, which I can see lots of other brands adopting too. Our photos were taken by celebrity photographer, Joel Anderson who has photographed the likes of Cheryl Cole and Alexandra Burke (not that I’m bothered about that, he was lovely and very professional)…here’s my photo…

I chose the word courage, which ties into my New Year’s Resolutions. In 2013, I want to be braver and more adventurous in everything that I do. It’s super cheesy, but it’s true. I hope you like the sentiment too? For those who are interested I’m wearing Uniqlo Heattech Orla Kiely T-Shirt underneath a wool flannel dress from Kew (Jigsaw’s sister company which has now closed down, sad times) my awesome ice lolly necklace is from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes.

Now then, if that wasn’t exciting enough, these photos were then pulled into a billboard and poster design that instantly appeared across all of the digital screens in the whole of Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush. I never, ever thought I would see myself on a billboard and it felt great! And as a added bonus, it appeared above Nando’s, awesome.

How mental is that?! In addition to the HUGE billboards, they also appeared on smaller screens across the whole of the centre. I’m so pleased I did this, such an amazing experience, very well organised and run by the amazing and super friendly team at Kellogg’s. This really is a great example of how to collaborate with bloggers on a great campaign.

We also took some professional photos of us posing in front of our billboards, so I’ll share those as soon as I have them. So, the whole sentiment of the new Special K campaign is to ask, what will you gain when you lose? It’s a weird question, but it’s basically asking you to think about how you will feel about yourself rather than everyone aspiring towards the same Special K swimsuit figure, which is dull and old fashioned nowadays.

After all the Special K fun ended, we had lunch at Busaba Eathai, some more adventurous eating for me! Yeay. And then we were treated to some shopping on Kellogg’s which was a welcome surprise, since I’m not spending this month since we’ve moving house. Teamed up with fellow beauty blogger Ambarina for some beauty shopping and I picked up treats from Inglot and Real Techniques, which I’ll be sharing soon.

What do you think of the new Special K advert? 

What would you wish to gain when you lose? What would your inspiring word be?

Would love to hear your thoughts in a comment or tweet me @JayneJRead


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19 thoughts on “My Day as a Special K Billboard Model…

  1. You look absolutely stunning in your billboard poster hun x

    1. Ohh double comments from Andy, I appreciate the double sentiment even if it was an error! Mwah!

      1. LOL. Yes I clicked submit too earlier! I’d only just woken up x

        1. Hehe, I don’t mind. It just meant you had double the love to share. Thank you.

  2. You look absolutely stunning in your billboard poster hun. Sounds like you had a great day too x

  3. I know I’ve already said this you, but you look amazing and still very you. They did a brilliant job, and put together a well constructed day. I do like the new thinking behind the new Special K campaign, its aiming for something better yourself rather than just losing weight. x

    1. Thanks so much for your support Helen. Had a great day and made me feel amazing to do something so big!

  4. You look great, not many people (excluding models) can say they have been on a billboard. I’m glad to see Special K taking a different approach as well, their pushing their cereal as a diet aid (when its truthfully no better or worse than most cereals) has always bothered me a lot. Bet the shopping trip was a nice surprise as well. Think I should become a blogger, lol, but I’m not massively interested in beauty, completely uninterested in fashion, and I don’t have any kids. Hmm, maybe I’ll give that more thought ;o)

    1. I’m so proud to have done this Nikki, such a once in a lifetime experience and I met some awesome people too. You should totally start a blog, you can write about ANYTHING you like.

  5. What a clever campaign, so simple too. You look fabulous, you were obviously made to be on a billboard!

    1. Thanks Cassy. That’s so sweet of you to say so.

  6. Love the rebrand of Special K. Glad to see them breaking the mould and stuff. You looked lovely! Congrats on the billboard!

    1. Thanks Joy. I’m really pleased they’ve gone away from the obvious slimming message too. This really was a great, empowering experience, who thought cereal could be this much fun to promote!!?

  7. You look amazing in the billboard! I also think it is great for Special K to move away from their old marketing ways and do something different! x

    1. Thank you! It was a great day and I’m so pleased.

  8. As you said Jayne ‘what an amazing experience’! You do the ‘vintage thing’ really well, you look like a 1930s starlet in the making (outside of the outfit obviously!) Good to see something different from Kelloggs x

  9. Oh my! You look gorgeous! Love the pose!

    1. Thank you lovely. 🙂

  10. You’re like A REAL MODEL, hellloooooo cheek bonesssss. This is amazing. I’m a little jealous!

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