My New PJ’s from Jimmi Jamms Review

I love getting home and getting changed into something more comfortable, I am after all a couch potato at heart and like nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa in my PJs to watch a film with my hubby. This week I’ve been wearing new PJs from a brand I hadn’t heard of before called Jimmi Jamms.

First off, as usual, how cute is the packaging? My Jimmi Jamms arrived in this cute canvas bag, such a nice added bonus. Don’t know if it’s something I would use again, but it makes the presentation of something as ordinary as PJ’s a bit more interesting. I love the little rabbit logo and rowing club theme of the bag. Very cute.

I love the bright blue set of Jimmi Jamms that I was sent. This set includes a long sleeved, henley top (that’s one that buttons partially down) and fold down waistband trousers. All in a beautiful, soft, 100% cotton fabric for ultimate comfort. I was really impressed that the trousers weren’t ridiculously too short for me either.

Love the top, it’s a really nice, slim fit and the sleeves are plenty long enough for me, which is very, very rare. Only thing that some people might find annoying about the top is that because it’s white, the fabric is quite sheer, so it’s a little see-through. So maybe not something to wear around the house if you’ve got company, if you know what I mean!

I love that the set is 100% cotton, it’s the best fabric to sleep in, as it’s breathable and comfortable. However, with the trousers, there’s no elastication on the waistband, so you’ll soon find that it becomes a bit loose. This set was a size small, I’m a 8-10 but with curvy hips, so was surprised to find that the waistband soon became too slack. This isn’t an issue when you’re in bed, but wandering around the house with the risk of flashing your behind, is not ideal.

The trousers feature a stencilled number and little pocket on the thigh, which personally is not my style. I bit sporty for my style, but nothing major to complain about there. I’m sure most people wouldn’t be bothered.

This set retails at £30 which I think is reasonable for the quality of the fabric and the nice design. My only disappointment comes in the fit of the waistband, but at the end of the day, for something that you’re wearing in bed, it’s not a massive deal. I probably wouldn’t buy these for myself, but think that they would make an excellent present.

What’s your favourite place to buy pyjamas?

Have you tried Jimmi Jamms?

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4 thoughts on “My New PJ’s from Jimmi Jamms Review

  1. I love my Jimmi Jamms, those cute little bunnies get me every time 🙂

    1. They are so cute! I wish I’d seen these sooner as I think my sister would love them, would have gotten them for Christmas.

  2. These are so cute, they look like they’d be really comfortable and lightweight. Not ideal about the see through element though, plus white never seems to stay white for long! I like the little bag they came though I too am not sure what I’d use it for!xo

  3. I love them, what is frustrating is that I can never get hold if any!

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