Pur Minerals 4-in-1Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

I’ve almost always used mineral foundation, the first foundation I ever bought was a loose mineral foundation from Lily Lolo, I still use it from time to time now. I’ve worked for a mineral make up brand too, which I also loved. I love the benefits to the skin when using good mineral make up and since I prefer a matte finish, it makes sense for me to use mineral powders.

This month I’ve been trying out the latest pressed mineral foundation from Pur Minerlas, which is now available exclusively at Marks & Spencer’s Your Beauty. I’ve heard of this brand before, but have never tried it before, so very pleased to be able to give it a whirl.

I’m not quite sure what the 4-in-1 claims are within this products, I’m reckoning it has something to do with a natural SPF and foundation for point one and point two, but I’m not sure what the others are supposed to be.  Point three would be that it contains Ceretin Complex, a new technology with proven anti-ageing effects. Any guesses what point four is in the 4-in-1 formula?

This shade is perfect for me (Porcelain) which I’m very pleased about as it’s so rare to fine a shade pale enough. I love the compact, it’s a great size and the mirror is very handy. I’m not a huge fan of the silver branding though and did find the compact a bit tricky to crack open sometimes, but that’s only a minor flaw. The pictured Chisel Brush is the brush that is recommended for applying the presssed mineral foundation, personally I really don’t like it so haven’t been using it. It’s too rough and doesn’t achieve the fuller coverage that I’m after, the surface area is so small too, that it’s quite time consuming.

I’ve been using this cute brush from Neve Cosmetics, it’s a dense mini Kabuki brush, the most popular brush for applying mineral foundation. It does what I need it too, looks cute and is super soft too. You can find them here. I got mine for Christmas and it’s been a permanent part of my daily make up application.

Generally speaking with mineral foundation, the denser the brush the fuller coverage you will achieve. With the Pur Minerals Foundation I got medium coverage with this and the had to top up with a good concealer to cover redness and dark circles.

The benefit of pressed mineral foundation would normally be that it’s not as messy as loose powder, however, for me I would find a loose foundation easier to use as I can be more buildable with application, to get the pay off I want it was a bit more effort from the pressed powder, think lots of layers and lots of buffing.

Here’s how it looks after a full day, it’s nice and matte and stays well, only complaint is that you need a fair few layers to get the coverage that I would want for my skin. I did find it a bit dry on my skin too, but solved this problem with a spritz of a facial water to seal and refresh skin. I would love to try more items from the Pur Minerals range, but for me the pressed powder isn’t enough for my foundation, but I would use it as a fixing powder.

If you’re after a my skin by better look, then this would work for you, it’s a subtle coverage that buffs away minor imperfections and evens skin tone, if you need something heavy duty, you need to apply with a denser brush or sponge or try a different formula.

What do you think of mineral foundation?

What’s your favourite foundation?

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5 thoughts on “Pur Minerals 4-in-1Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

  1. The 4 in 1 is concealer, foundation, powder and SPF. It says that on the Pur Minerals website 🙂

    I found this had less than amazing oil control and it also transferred badly – probably not helped by the fact I have oily skin.

    I do still think its nice product for those with normal skin and I love the fact its a compact mineral foundation and not loose powder.

    Here is a link to my review if you want to take a look:


    1. That makes sense! Was working from press release and hadn’t had time to look at the site. Thanks for solving that one.

      My skin is normal/dry so worked for me, it does transfer but didn’t find it transfer anymore than any other powder foundation I’ve tried. Thanks for your comment Grace.

  2. Anything really pale is a winner in my book! I’ve been bewitched by the bunny brush, anything with rabbits on and I want it 🙂

  3. It looks nice on, but I agree that I prefer loose mineral foundation too. My favorite right now is Lumiere Cosmetics, but I’m always sampling to see what else is out there 😉

    1. I’ve never heard of that brand! I’ll have to check them out.

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