Snow White & The Huntsman Diego Dalla Palma Palette Review

I’ve been trying some of the new SS13 Diego Dalla Palma make up items since my post about the news of their new collection, I’m in love! I picked up the Snow White & The Huntsman palette for only £9.99 on Fragrance Direct and have been absolutely loving this palette. It’s a great, exciting alternative to the Naked palettes and has the additional perk of featuring a stunning red lipstick and black eye pencil. I’m excited to showcase this set to you, it’s a complete steal in the sale and you’ve got to have a look.

So, it’s a bit of a random collaboration as the Diego Dalla Palma range is rather little known and the film Snow Whit and the Huntsman was a big deal, I’ve not seen it yet as I have a serious aversion to Kirsten Stewart, but it does look up my street. The box is a nice hardboard, chunky compact with a mirror inside. A great one set does all kit for travelling or to prettify your dressing table.

You get six good sized eyeshadows in a range of neutral shades and in a mix of shimmer and matte textures, a stunning red lipstick and a black, super soft pencil. The mirror is a good size, but sadly it’s a bit bendy so not the most accurate mirror, which is a bit of a shame, luckily the products make me ignore that little hiccup.

Lovely shades, the bottom three shades are matte and very nicely pigmented and the top three are shimmer, but nice thick shimmer, so still pack a punch with the colour. Each has been named an appropriately Snow White and the Huntsman style name too, which is cute. Really versatile shades too which are going to be useful for everyday.

I’m in actual love with this shade of red, which is a truly classic. It’s creamy so not too matte, so isn’t as drying as my usual Illamasqua red. The tube is very good quality and I like the pointed lipstick shape which makes it easy to line lips with. Every girl needs a good red lippie and this one is a goodie.

You’ll be glad to know I’m back to proper demoing, no more hand swatches! Here’s the majority of the products in this palette in action, teamed with a Diego Dalla Palma SS13 blush, which will be reviewed on it’s own very, very soon.

The eyeshadows blend really nicely and the colours work for all sorts of skin tones. The pencil is very soft and great for a gentle take on my favourite flicks. I LOVE the red lipstick, it’s beautiful. I also love my eyebrows at the moment, of which I’ve been filling in using a Paul & Joe pencil which I’ll be featuring soon in more detail.

Overall, an amazing palette. Great value if you can grab it whilst it’s still about and it’s an excellent alternative to any of the Naked palettes, with lots of added bonuses. I can’t wait to share with you some more products from this range, it’s a super goodie!

What do you think of the overall look?

Have you tried Diego Dalla Palma?

What’s your favourite neutral palette?

Would LOVE to read your comments or tweet me @JayneJRead

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11 thoughts on “Snow White & The Huntsman Diego Dalla Palma Palette Review

  1. Love the look of this palette! Looks really pretty on you =) xx

    1. Thanks Siobhan, it’s a lovely collection. Really impressed with the quality and what a bargain!

  2. I really love the look of this, every colour is perfect. The lipstick would do nothing for me but looks amazing with your colouring Jayne.

  3. Mirror Mirror such a pretty shade x

    1. It’s all good. Well worth a play.

  4. i LOVE this pallet on you, it really suits you. And grat value too.

    1. Oh yes, it’s pretty darn amazing, think everyone should buy it!

  5. Ohh I love the look of that lipstick.

    1. AMAZING colour. It is available separately too.

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