Argan 5 + Precious Oil Elixir Review

One of my discoveries last year was how much I love using oils on my hair and skin. I’ve always got one on the go, I find them super useful for smoothing any wispy bits of hair, restoring dry ends of hair, boosting the performance of your regular moisturiser and they are my all time favourite thing to use as a night cream.

My latest acquirement is this one from Argan 5 +, a range you can pick up in Boots stores.

This Argan Oil is a blend of Baobab Oil (which comes from a tree also known as The Tree of Life, nice eh?), Kukui Seed Oil, Moringa Oil, Sascha Inci Oil and of course, Argan Oil. This blend of oils is rich in vitamins E, F,A,D,C as well as Omega 6 and 9. You can read a little more on the back of the box…

Box review coming now…nice box isn’t is? It looks luxury and modern and that is always a good thing. The bottle inside is rather lovely too. I know it’s shallow of my to care what my beauty products look like, but to me it’s the first impression when you start using something new and the appearance contributes to how much you enjoy actually using a product too.

This really is a lovely products when you eventually manage to dispense any from the infuriating bottle! For some reason I’ve not taken a photo of the bottle opening to illustrate my point, but basically, it’s got a tiny hole, which is designed to let only one drop out at a time, so in order to get the amount of product you actually need it’s quite an effort. It’s such a shade for an otherwise excellent product, as one applied it’s lightweight, effective and doesn’t leave that greasy look that too much of some oils does.

For £12.99 from Boots it’s not a bad buy, it’s more affordable than some of it’s competitors and does perform well, just be prepared to shake, shake, shake to get the contents out! I’ll have to investigate a way to remove the seal I think!

Have you tried anything from Argan 5 +?

What’s your favourite oil to use?

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