Beauty News: 60s Vibe from Bourjois

I’m not often fussed about high street make up brands, generally I find them quite dull and uninteresting. I think this is mostly due to the naff ways that they are often merchandised in places like Boots and Superdrug. Testers are often missing, there’s rarely a full range of the collections and there’s no other assistance. When I shop for make up I like to be able to ask questions and play with clean testers to get a feel for products. I know this is mostly a retailer problem rather than a brand problem, but yes, that’s how I generally feel about high street beauty shopping.

However, the latest campaign graphics for Bourjois have gotten me a bit excited. I have to admit, that the promotional images for pretty much everything that Bourjois do is rather lovely, it’s just not always communicated in their instore presence. Anyway, their Spring collection has a truly awesome 60’s vibe…

I love this image SO much, isn’t it beautiful? It even matches my blog design. I don’t usually like yellow nail polish but this makes me want to try it. And that blue eyeshadow? Really makes it look wearable with that awesome black flick!

I don’t have much else to say about this little collection, really just wanted to point out how stunning this visual is and how inspired I feel to recreate the models look!

Do you use Bourjois? What do you think of the brand?

How do you feel about high street brands?

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