Beauty News: Seventeen Launch Concrete Rock Hard Nail Effects

When Nails Inc launch a nail innovation, you know that within just a few months there will always be a cheaper alternative arriving into a high street beauty brand. In the case of Nails Inc Concrete Effect Nail Polish, it’s Boots brand Seventeen that are the next to copy this trend.

The Seventeen New Rock Hard Nail Effects launch in four colours: red, grey, black and blue and will be retailing at a cheap as chips £3.99 from 21st March. You’ll be able to find these in Boots store and online.

In addition to the Rock Hard Nail Effects, the Seventeen rebrand continues with the launch of 20 shades in the Quicker Slicker Nail Polish range, which promises nail colour that dries within 50 seconds. These will be only £2.99 and again, land in stores in March.

Anyone else loving the rebrand? It’s so much cooler.

What do you think of the textured nail trend?

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3 thoughts on “Beauty News: Seventeen Launch Concrete Rock Hard Nail Effects

  1. Jayne, these look very interesting. The colors are lovely and if the texure is well, they will be selling well, don’t you think??
    I would totally try the ones on the right side of the pic. And i mean who doesn’t like fast drying polishes, right?!

    1. I think they will be very popular yes! I really like the look of the colours in the fast drying ones too, look forward to trying them out and reviewing them once I get my hands on them!

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