Bourjois Fantastic Volume Mascara Review

This new mascara from Bourjois was the single product that piqued my interest in the brand for the first time. I spotted it on their stand in Boots and the packaging and choice of colour really grabbed my attention. It’s so unique and interesting looking. It’s rare that a drug store brand does something so quirky looking.

It’s a sort of toothpaste tube shape, which is odd. You’d think it would be tricky to hold and use, but the flattened applicator handle is actually really user friendly. I love this shade of purple too, don’t know what it is with Bourjois and purple at the moment though, bit odd, but I like it.

The mascara wand is a rubber applicator, with bristles on just one side. There’s just a few bristles, making it more like a comb rather than the usual brush. I’m generally not a fan of this kind of applicator, mainly because I don’t see anything wrong with the usual bushy brush.

I’ve been using this mascara daily now, it’s ok. I’m not blown away, but I think it takes a lot for a mascara to really impress. I think it you want a decent, affordable mascara, I’d say this is a good start. However, once you’ve tried a Lancome Hypnose mascara, you’ll be spoilt and will struggle to find anything that compares.

Have you tried the Bourjois Fantastic Volume Mascara?

What’s your favourite mascara?

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  1. Very dainty eyelashes, perfect for a day out

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