Chinese State Circus Ying Yang Tour at Richmond Theatre Review

Here’s a different sort of post from me, however, not something I haven’t done before. Did you know that I used to write for a couple of magazines when I lived in Leeds? Theatre reviews were my thing three years ago. I’ve always been into theatre, but don’t go very often these days.

When the opportunity arose to attend the Chines State Circus in Richmond, it was the perfect opportunity to revisit my love for performance. I’ve seen the Chinese State Circus a long time ago, probably when I was like 10, so I kind of knew what to expect. Took along hubby for the experience too, which made it all the more fun.

The Chinese State Circus is based around acrobatics and performances from Shaolin Monks. Sounds random right? Well, it is. Very random. You won’t have seen anything else quite like it. The prettiest act in my opinion was the plate spinning act, of which this was the highlight…

Very elegant and mesmerising, my only complaint is that I didn’t see any plates leave their sticks once, so I’m a teeny, tiny bit sceptical that they may actually have been attached and therefore not quite as amazing as it first seems. Am I being grumpy there?

Not everything was as elegant as the pretty plate spinners, if you’ve ever wanted to see epic jump roping, or epic hat juggling, this is the place to be. This hat juggling act was pretty darn hilarious and amazing, the choice of music however, sounded like something out a 90s video game, Final Fantasy perhaps?

After all the comedy of the bizarre hat juggling, you then get to experience some impressive stunts from a couple of Shaolin Monks, including breaking metal bars on their heads, smashing stones on their stomachs whilst lying on a bed of nails and demoing sword splay with some rather unconvincing swords made out of tin foil. Odd. Needless to say, it was a tad funnier than intended.

Two of the headline acts, actually didn’t perform on the night that we were there unfortunately. We missed a bicycle act that involved ten performers on one bike and an incredible acrobatic ballet act, which I would have loved to have seen since I’m a big ballet fan. Instead we were treated to strange glow stick drumming that lasted well too long and a epic skipping act that involved quite a few trip ups unfortunately.

Overall, we did have a lot of fun. However, it was a shame that in most acts someone fluffed their performance in one way or another. If they’d been on Britain’s Got Talent they would have gotten buzzed. But then again, can you really be disappointed when someone trips up whilst attempting a triple back flip? I wanted to say the flawless Chinese State Circus, but it was not so, so I’ll be saying the super entertaining and family friendly Chinese State Circus instead.

I would certainly recommend this show, it’s suitable for the whole family and is a good fun night out. However, it is a bit cheesy and strange, so you might find you laughing inappropriately at times. But that’s all part of the fun right?

The Chinese State Circus is now on tour in the UK, playing dates in almost every town, so be sure to check out your local theatre to see if they’ll be visiting your town.

Have you been to see the Chinese State Circus? 

What was the last thing you went to see at the theatre?

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4 thoughts on “Chinese State Circus Ying Yang Tour at Richmond Theatre Review

  1. Im so jeleous! i LOVE the circus (and own every cirque du soleil show on dvd) im not sure that i have seen the chinese state circus before…. and Yes you are being too cynical about the spinning plates, i have seen them up close and had a go, they ARE shapped with a small cone shapped intent in the middle to balance them on but they definitly arent attached.

    if you like the circus you should check out circus suburbia, they do the IYAF (internation youth arts festival) in kingsotn every year and they do workshops and stuff, couple of years ago i basically spent 3 days hanging out with them trying out stuff like pole dancing hoop dancing walking on one of those giant balls, i manager to stand on one of the big balls AND hula hoop at the same time, it was ana awesome experiance and definitly made me want to run away with the circus.

    and the last show i saw was Alexander Armstrong doing cabaret, and before that was probably ENB and flawless at wimbledon theatre before i left kingston.

  2. Looks like an enchanting and entertaining show! I guess it would have been really nice had they pulled off flawless performances, but of course, even the most experienced performers miss a step once or twice in their lifetimes.

    I’ll definitely be checking if they’re coming anywhere near Machester.

  3. This looks quite stunning and reminds me a tad of Cirque du Soleil – which I’ve seen and have fallen head over heels for. The last thing I saw in the theatre was The Nutcracker at Christmas 🙂

  4. Just went to see it last night, and one of the girls did lose her plates which just made it more authentic!xxx

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