My Complete Hair Makeover with Sinead Kelly London

My hair has always been one of my most favourite features. It’s my security blanket, it’s what I consider my most attractive feature. I love to experiment with colours and be creative when it comes to make up and clothes but I’ve never had the confidence to do something drastic with my hair, because it’s so important to me. This is partially down to not trusting hairdressers at all, I’ve never trusted a hair dresser so have never felt capable of doing something amazing. This is until I met Sinead.

Sinead is an award winning Irish stylist, with achievements including the ‘L’Oreal Colour Trophy’ London regional winner and national finalist,’ ‘European Hairdressing Champion 2002 & 2004’ and Irish Hairdressing Champion. Sinead’s salon is based in Barnes, South West London. I met up with Sinead a few weeks ago, just for a girly chat and we got on so well, seriously felt like I’d known her for years, so I just knew that I had finally met my hairdresser soul mate, someone who I could truly trust to create something exciting for me.

So here’s my hair before, didn’t realise how long it was until I saw a  photo of the back of my head. This is home coloured using Garnier Olia and my roots had begun to show. This is a very typical example of a cut for me and pretty much what I’ve had for about 15 years…

It was great to have a consultation with Sinead, she really understood what I was looking for and we worked really well together to pull together some ideas via Pinterest and celebrity hair styles to help us on our way. I’ve never had a hair consultation in a salon that actually felt like a collaboration. Normally when I go to a salon I feel like the stylist is trying to talk me into something that they are comfortable with, whereas with Sinead, she gave me confidence to stick with my idea and helped feed that idea to be something perfect for me.

With the colour consultation, I was pleased to have Sinead spend a good few minutes talking through options and actually using the colour swatches to place against my skin tone to help establish which shade would be best. It was really interesting as at a glance the swatches look quite similar but against a skintone, you see different undertones.

Once we had chosen the perfect shade, Sinead prepared my hair by using a pre-colouring solution, which helps to create a even base for the chosen shade to sit on, so this is what phase one looked like, you can start to see what colour we were aiming for…

Phase two was the all over hair colour, of which Sinead used a L’Oreal Inoa copper red shade. L’Oreal Inoa is the professional version of Garnier Olia and uses no ammonia, which means no strong smell. Plus, L’Oreal Inoa is oil based (just like the Garnier Olia) which means it’s conditioning, leaving hair in the best condition possible from permanent hair colouring.  So, here’s the chosen shade after development time…

But that’s not the end! For the next step, Sinead enlisted her latest protege, Jose to balayage my hair using a peroxide based product from L’Oreal. I’ve been wanting a balayage or ombre hair do for ages, so was super excited to both see how the process works in the salon and see the results. Basically, it involved Jose taking sections or hair, backcombing them and then applying the product with a tint brush is a relaxed method. You get to look super cool whilst this develops…

A bit of snipping away from Sinead and we get the finished look, are you excited to see the transformation? You can see that the balayage effect is really subtle, it just breaks up the strong copper colour and adds something a bit different to the look. And yes, I know I said I would NEVER have a fringe again, but this is the type of fringe I’ve been looking for, one that frames the face and doesn’t hide it!

This was the first time I’ve ever been to a hairdressers where the stylist has actually given me practical hair styling advise too and this wasn’t a special case, all Sinead Kelly London clients receive advise and even demonstrations of how to best look after their new dos. Sinead showed me the best way to blow dry my fringe and even gave me a very simple demo of how to restyle into a big, glamourous look too…

This is a huge change for me, but I’m so pleased that I’ve done it. I’ve always wanted red hair and short fringe and finally found a stylist who I trusted with this big change. I love Sinead so much, would recommend her to anyone and will definitely be using Sinead as my regular hairdresser from now on. The salon is a wonderful place, chic and elegant but without the intimidating pretentious feeling you might get from other high end salons.

You can find out more about Sinead Kelly London on their website and of course, follow the lovely Sinead on Twitter @SINEADKELLYLDN, tweet her your hair questions, she’s very friendly!

What do you think of Sinead’s handiwork and my new hair do?

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done with your hair?

Would love to read your comments and tweets @JayneJRead