Lush Covent Garden Fresh Facemask Catastrophe Cosmetic Making Workshop

A few weeks ago, I pottered along to Lush Covent Garden with Kellie from Big Fashionista and a bunch of other lovely bloggers to discover Lush’s new make your own workshop experience. As some of you know, I do have a strong love/hate relationship with Lush. I honestly love their products and the basic concept of their low packaging, market style merchandising in store, but I really do hate it when they get political. Anyway, this one experience was wholly on the positive side.

Lush Handmade Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask Workshop Make Your Own Catastrophe Cosmetics Face Pack at Lush Covent Garden in London wtih BlueberriesHere’s some of the ingredients laid out for you to see. This facemask starts with a base of fresh Dorset Blueberries. When they make this mask in the factory in Dorset, they use frozen blueberries to preserve the freshness and enable them to use locally sourced ingredients all year round. I think that’s a lovely touch. For the purposes of the workshop, fresh ones are used so that we can do some therapeutic swishing. And boy, did I need some therapy. Anyone else surprised that the guts of blueberries aren’t actually blue?

Lush Covent Garden Fresh Facemask Workshop Review Swishing Blueberries

Next up, we add liquids. Vegetable glycerine for it’s moisturising properties and a water which has been brewed with a blend of botanical ingredients (pictured dry above) these include Irish Moss, Rose and Sweet Orange Oil. We then mix these together to make a disgusting looking mess. Yum.

Lush Covent Garden London Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask Fresh Workshop Blueberries

Next, to make this into some kind of usable paste we added powder ingredients in the form of Calamine Powder, of which many of you will know of as a treatment for Chicken Pox. It’s a powder made from Zinc Oxide and is commonly used as a base in lots of products such as toothpaste, face powders and dusting powders. It’s used in the face mask as a antiseptic and to combat redness and irritation, hence why we use the lotion form for treating Chicken Pox!

A shed load of talc goes in too, an ingredient that many would avoid! Talc is another mineral ingredient derived from Magnesium Silicate minerals and again is used as a base in many household products. Generally, Talc is used to improve application and texture in cosmetics.

Lush Handmade Cosmetics Catastrophe Cosmetics Fresh Facemask Workshop Review Talc and Calamine Powder

Once mixed, this makes the thick paste that we expect from a face mask. At this stage we also add a drop of colouring to make it purple and some perfume. This is a reminder that Lush is a fresh and handmade brand and does not claim to be a natural or organic brand, although they might come across as being those things.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Facemask Lush Covent Garden Workshop Review

Whilst the facemask gets potted up for us to take home, we had mini skincare consultations and a solid introduction to the entire skincare collection from Lush. I used to use 100% Lush skincare and can honestly say that it is excellent. Although, it may not be for everyone and I’ve found easier to use things now, the results are good and they are worth the spend.

I still love Ultrabland as a make up remover and a multi purpose balm, great to use as a pleasanter alternative to Vaseline. It does all the same things but isn’t gross: lip balm, eyebrows, dry skin, barrier cream when you’re dying your hair, all sorts! Remember, Vaseline is Petroleum Jelly, which is basically the yuck that is left over when they’ve finished manufacturing all they can from Petrol! Gross.

Lush Handmade Cosmetics Fresh Facemask Workshop Skincare Consultation Review

Lush’s offerings of workshops vary from store to store, so get in touch with your local store to find out what they are offering. A really nice experience for a Lush fan, would be great for a celebration experience too. I’m surprised they didn’t start offering these sooner as they really are a excellent idea.

What do you think of Lush?

Have you been to a Lush Workshop?

Would love to read your comments about Lush or tweet me @JayneJRead

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