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It’s been a long while since I did a personal post, but thought you guys might like to have a read as I had a pretty nice weekend. This weekend, was my Mum’s birthday, a big milestone one, which I’m not going to share, as I know she reads this and she won’t like it public! Anyway, Mum’s been having a hard time lately, so my sister and I had arranged a lovely weekend for her.

First off, Mum didn’t know I was coming home for the weekend. So it was a great joy to surprise her on Friday evening by arriving home with a bunch of flowers and her birthday card. All thanks to my sisters stealthy planning for making that happen.

On Saturday, my sister cooked us a full English breakfast, which I haven’t had for ages! It was delicious. Mum and I then headed out to the local garden centre (Ashton Hall in Lancaster) for a wander and a cup of tea. Mum had the most giant Lemon Meringue Pie I’ve ever seen, clearly more meringue than lemon. I had a equally challenging scone, which I didn’t photograph.

We then had a nice browse of their plant centre and gift shop, my favourite thing that I spotted was this beautiful striped orchid, very pretty. I love going around garden centres and gardens, but don’t do it much in London. It’s the thing I do the most with Mum, so it’s always a special thing. Our last garden visit together I think was in the Summer last year when we went around Kew Gardens.

After our little garden centre visit, we headed into Lancaster for my present to Mum. Her first ever manicure and pedicure in a beauty salon. Thanks to Liloo for suggesting Beauty 154 in Lancaster, what a lovely place. We both had luxury pedicures and manicures with Jessica nail polishes. All very relaxing. As an added interest to the salon visit, my therapist went to the same high school as me, so was updating me on what has happened to all the kids who were horrible to me at school. The main theme was prison and teen pregnancy, so sounds like I’ve done very well for myself then

Obviously didn’t take photos during this, as it would have been a bit weird. Anyway, delighted that Mum loved it and intends to go back having now realised that it’s a nice treat and a good way to unwind.

Back at home, we relaxed for a bit with my sister and her puppy, Grizzly. My sister showed me a great custom shoe site called Shoes of Prey that I’d never seen before, so played around and created these beauties…

After some more relaxing at home and playing with the puppy (of which you can see some videos of on my Vine account, which is under the username JayneJRead) we took a drive out to the countryside to take Mum out for an evening meal at her favourite restaurant, The Highwayman Inn which is on the way to Kirkby Lonsdale on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. The best way to tell you about the evening is to show you what we ate…

Starter of homemade bread with butter, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and black bean hummus. Shared this with my sister, whilst Mum had a bowl of whitebait with lemon jelly aka weird tiny fish with freaky eyes. Anyway, our bread was delicious, one of my favourite snacks is bread with olive oil and balsamic.

There was so much good choice for a main course, but I stuck with a classic and had rump steak, served with watercress, triple cooked chips and peppercorn sauce. This might have been the best steak I’ve ever had. Sister had steak and ale pie and Mum had shoulder of mutton with mash and yellow beets. All amazing choices, very delicious. I was very full up by this point, but couldn’t resist dessert. My favourite course.

Apple crumble is my favourite ever dessert. With loads of custard. However, I couldn’t quite finish this one as I was so full and this one was more tart than I would usually prefer. However, with a donation of extra custard from my sister I still managed to eat it all.

What a perfect day. Shame it ended with me falling down the stairs at my Mum’s house and badly bruising my back. I can’t sit upright in a chair at the moment. It sucks.

Anyway, day after we had a Sunday Roast at my Nana’s, introduced my sister’s puppy to my Nana’s kittens and watched stealthy kitten tactics in play as they ganged up on the puppy. Got to see the rest of my family too, which was grand (as Nana would say).

All of my photos were taken on Instagram, if you don’t already follow me there, my username is JayneJRead

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3 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Mum’s Birthday Weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! We went to Kirkby Lonsdale last year for the first time on our way home from the lakes. My Mother in law used to live about 20 mins away in to North Yorkshire – such a pretty place you’re so lucky to have grown up there. I want to go back very soon; there’s so much of this country I want to explore but Lancashire area is definitely up there!

    1. Hehe, everyone always says lucky to have grown up there, as a teenager though, it’s pretty dull. I can appreciate it more now I’ve grown up.

  2. Aww Jayne it looks like you gave your Mum such a lovely birthday. That steak looks immense as does the lemon meringue. We most go out for steak, I love steak! I love the sound of that design your own shoe website – don’t like the prices so much though!

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