Retro Nostalgic Jewellery from Indie Brands

Back in the day, at the start of Jayne’s Kitschen, one of the things I did the most was that I featured lots of indie fashion brands and local events around crafters and indie fashion. Since I’ve gotten involved with beauty, this original theme has gone on the back burner a bit. However, it’s still a huge passion of me. I have lots of indie jewellery and love discovering new things, so I’m going to try and find time to feature them more often, hope you’ll like the variety?

Today, I’m going to bring you my picks of indie jewellery brands with a retro, nostalgic theme. Things from your past, re-imagined into amazing wearable pretties.

My first pick is from Lucie Allen on Folksy. Cute balloon brooches in a range of fun colours, these are paper covered wood painted in lovely glossy colours. The tails of the balloons look to be a stiff rope, which gives the design some lovely structure. How cute would one of these look pinned on a contrasting coloured cardi?

There’s tons of nostalgic acrylic designs on Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, I’ve got one of their ice lollies and a goldfish set. For children of the 90’s I love this Gamboy Tetris necklace, think it might be a touch too Emo for me these days, but the quality and attention to detail is excellent. You’ve got to check out their site, not only is everything awesome, but the way they photograph stuff is super fun too.

Since the 1960’s Etch a Sketch has been a drawing toy hit for every generation. Now you can get a piece of the action in your accessories with this super awesome necklace from Punky Pins. To make this little wonder even more awesome, you can even opt for a customised version! I want this one so bad, it’s on the top of my wishlist right now.

Which indie jewellery brands do you love?

Would you wear any of these pieces?

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1 thought on “Retro Nostalgic Jewellery from Indie Brands

  1. These are so you Jayne – I love the etch-a-sketch one 🙂

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