Stila Festival Spring Summer 2013 Launch Event

When you walk into an event and one of your favourite ever bands is playing on a big screen and there’s fake grass and loads of colour going on, you can’t help but be excited. I must admit, that walking into an event to the tune of Placebo, wasn’t something I was ever going to expect for a beauty event, so this made me super happy. It all became clear when it was revealed that the theme of Stila’s Summer collection is Stila’s Festival of Colour.

First off, let me apologise for the dire state of my photography of this event. Blogger photography brain, totally distracted by psychedelic colours, so I’m going to cheat a bit and use a bit of the product stock photography too.

Stila Summer 2013 Collection Make Up Festival of Colour Launch Event ThemeWe were lucky enough to have the new collection presented to us by L.A based Stila representative, Jill, who had dressed just the part in a 70s Summer of Love look of emerald green and the most stunning straight, sleek hair. I think I had a tiny girl crush on this lady. Jill explained that the collection is inspired by festivals, tie dye, raves and heavily influenced by fashion collections depicting these themes.

First up, the tie dye inspired eyeshadows, Stila’s Countless Colour Pigments created using a state of the art handmade pressing and baking technique to create unique colour combinations in five colourways. It’s recommended to apply these by hand or with a foam applicator for the highest colour pay off. These are super cool, I love them all and would totally buy them all too, they will retail at £14 each.

Stila Festival of Colour Summer 2013 Make Up Collection Tie Dye Countless Colour Pigment Eyeshadows

Stila Festival of Color Countless Color Pigments Summer 2013 Tie Dye Eyeshadows

Next up, something that is quite the novelty really, but conducted in a super wearable way! Introducing, Stila’s new After Glow Lip Color, these are beautiful Chubby Stick style lip crayons enriched with moisturising Vitamin C and E, sunflower seed oil and algae extract. But the exciting thing? These babies glow in the dark! Or at least, they react to black lights, so if you’re ever likely to be in a situation where there are black lights, these lip colours will glow! The clever glowy pigments also claim to be three times brighter than conventional colours under the sun. I’m excited to give these a go! These are all cherry flavoured and will retail at a reasonable £12.

Stila Festival of Colour Summer 2013 Launch Event Collection After Glow Lip Colour UV Sensitive LIpstick Glow in the Dark

Stila Festival of Color Summer 2013 Launch Event Collection Stila After Glow Lip Color UV Reactive Glow in the Dark Black Light

In addition to these exciting colour collections, there is a new turquoise shade in the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Smudge Stick, each retailing at £13, I love this shade and would wear it loads, so it’s an exciting addition to an already well loved range.

SAD Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Turquoise Stila Festival of Color Summer 2013

There’s also two new trios of Lip Glazes and two new innovations in BB Creams in the form of two 10 in 1 HD Beauty Balms, also falling under the Stay All Day trademark.  One of these is a Bronzing Beauty Balm which is far too dark for me, but would work for anyone who does tan and a beautiful Illuminating Beauty Balm which would be great for priming the skin. Each of the Stila BB Creams features broad spectrum SPF 30 too.

Stila Festival of Color Summer 2013 Tie Dye Eyeshadow Poster

Overall, a very exciting collection. It’s great to see a brand embrace colour and vibrancy in a range and also a great sense of fun without cheapening  the brand. Although the glowing lips is a complete novelty, it doesn’t distract from it being a great product anyway and the tie dye eyeshadows are just stunning and in a great selection of colours. The range will launch into stores and online retailers in time for the festival season and I’m sure it will be a huge hit!

What do you think of this new collection?

What you’re favourite piece?

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