Five Kitsch Vintage Style Wallpapers

Here’s another different from me, I’m trying to get back to the original theme of my blog, where I would write about anything that I liked from any category, not just beauty. I’ve been visiting my Mum this weekend and she’s currently in the process of redecorating parts of her house, so have been helping her choose paint colours and furniture and it’s reminded me about how much awesome stuff there is out there for the home.

One of the blogs that inspired me to blog was Domestic Sluttery, so it seems only fitting that I go back to my roots and show you some kitsch, vintage style wallpaper that I’ve found online this week.

This is a really unusual wallpaper, from a distance it looks like a kind of kaleidoscope print, but when you look up close, it’s very details 50s style synchronised swimmers captured from above. Great for the monochrome look, but with a touch of colour from the blue, coral and cream swimsuits of the swimmers. Love it.

Synchronised Swimmers Vintage Retro Kitsch Printed Wallpaper from Fads Black and White Monochrome

For something a little more subtle, how about this Fairisle Knitwear inspired print in red, blue and white. I would love this as bedroom wallpaper with some lovely snuggly blankets and cushions, they’ve given it a contemporary twist too which means it would suit all sorts of houses.

Fairisle Knitwear Printed Wallpaper in Red, Blue and Yellow from Fads Vintage Retro Kitsch

This one is very niche, but I love it still. It reminds me of 1950s Christmas giftwrap with it’s kitsch winter sports pattern. I don’t think this will be to everyone’s taste, but for a period property I think this is so much fun! If you look closely you can spot some bad Christmas jumpers and a angry snowman.

1950s Christmas Wrapping Paper Winter Sports Vintage Retro Kitsch Wallpaper from Fads

Looking for something tongue in cheek for the boudoir? I’m sure many of you will have spotted this print from Dupenny before, it’s a beautiful monochrome pattern, which is also available on fabric and features pin up burlesque ladies with victory rolled hair and nipple tassels. A bold choice, but I still love it.

Dupenny Burlesque Pin Up Ladies Vintage Retro Kitsch Monochrome Wallpaper from Fads

For a final, more subtle option, here’s a design from the original Biba designer, Barbara Hulanicki in sophisticated pearl and cream shades. This is a classy option which I’m sure would suit many different rooms and styles but with a good nod to 70s fashion and style. To me, it reminds me of the Elves in Lord of the Rings, because at heart, I am a geek. Does anyone agree?

Barbara Hulaniki Biba Wallpaper Art Deco Nouveau Pearl Printed Vintage Retro 70s Wallpaper

All of these beautiful wallpapers and more are available from Fads and have wallpapers for all sorts of budgets from £14 a roll to a whopping £80 per roll. Fads also sell a range of furniture and décor items for the rest of your house and offer free delivery, which is always a bonus!

What do you think of my Wallpaper choices?

Are you decorating at the moment?

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