Guest Post: Exclusive Illamasqua David Bowie Make Up Show with Alex Box at Selfridges

Today I’m handing over to my lovely work colleague and friend, Sinead. I’ve recently started my new job and was delighted to find that me and Sinead had so much in common, including a shared love for Illamasqua and Alex Box, so found it only fitting that I invite her to guest blog after attending the amazing David Bowie Selfridges Show.

Sinead doesn’t have her own blog just yet, but you can follow her on Twitter as @SineadyMcG

Last week I was a VERY lucky girl and won a seat at the exclusive Illamasqua make-up show in Selfridges with Creative Director and make-up mastermind, Alex Box! (Thanks Elle magazine!) I’ve been a huge fan of Alex Box since discovering her back in 2010, when she was featured on the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine. I remember looking at the outrageous colours and over exaggerated facial contours and thinking “Wow, this lady is real special!”.

The Looks 

Having the opportunity to watch Alex in action, creating bespoke Bowie inspired beauty looks was a true inspiration. In a frenzied effort to scribble down what she was doing, how she was doing it and the effect it created, below I share my highlights on how to recreate the looks at home!


Look 1 


Illamasqua Alex Box David Bowie Make Up Show Natural Look Selfridges


The first look performed was the more “natural” looking one out of the two looks created:

  • Shoulder hallows were exaggerated by shading them using the same colour to create the facial contours
  • The same colour was applied to the nose ridges, extended and elongated eye sockets, under and up the chin and in the cupid’s bow
  • Light shading was also applied around the nostrils and lips
  • A shimmer skin colour eye shadow was used on the eyes, lined with a lighter liner
  • Nude lips
  • Highlighter on the cheeks and lips

Illamasqua Alex Box David Bowie Selfridges Make Up Show

Illamasqua Alex Box David Bowie Make Up Show in Selfridges

Look 2 

 Alex Box Illamasqua Selfridges David Bowie Make Up Show Look Three Make Up Artist

To create the second look, Alex continues to work and add to the first look. The make up show advertised three Bowie inspired looks, but Alex’s second look was a combination of the third look also, as in the words of Alex herself she just “went with the feeling”.

  • Pink was used under the bronzed cheek hallows
  • Pink shading was brushed over the shoulder dips, followed up the neck and under the chin and continued up the jaw line
  • This same colour was used to re-work the inner eye socket and forehead lining
  • Light pink shimmer was added to the lips, making them pop!
  • For big defined winged eyes, cut triangles out of paper and use it as a stencil
  • Finish with a shimmer highlighter down the nose ridges and on the lips, mixed with gold for a two toned look


Q&A with Alex Box

Have you been emotionally inspired since becoming a mother?

I’ve always been emotional with my work, I like to feel the make up and as you can probably see I like to be messy. Since becoming a mum, I would say that I am more precious with my time – even more then before.

If you had to reinvent a super hero/ villain, who would it be?

The Joker, I like how he’s so groomed that it’s sick and wrong

What is your advice for the next generation of the Illamasqua awards?

Follow your heart, that will be your selling point so hold on to it. Along the way you’ll have people say that it’s to much or not enough. Don’t let there opinions phase you.

Block out the noise, that’s everything from people to magazines and the internet.

Before creating a look, do you just plunge in or do you like to study what you’re working with first?

I’ve worked with Georgie many times now. I think it’s important to know and feel the model, this helps you be more sympathetic towards the skin. Don’t be rigid with what you expect from yourself, my early work was so anal, I could spend hours on one eye. “Boldness of attack” is a saying I like, as I have had to un-break my own rules.

What artist inspired you?

Francis Bacon. His work morphs and changes but essentially stays himself (like David Bowie).


 Sounds like an amazing event! I wish I could have gone!

What do you think of Alex Box’s make up artistry?

Are you a David Bowie fan?

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