Ilamasqua Paranormal Collection Lipstick in Posture Review

So we all know that Illamasqua can be a bit eccentric from time to time, in fact I would hope that it why so many people love them. I know that is why I love them. So, when the new collection includes two new purple lipsticks it’s not really a surprise, but when one of them is mauve, it makes you wonder how you’re going to wear a shade like that, well, never fear! I’m hear to show you how…

Illamasqua Grey Purple Posture Mauve Lipstick Matte Review Swatch Jayne J Read British Beauty Blogger Paranormal

So mauve, is a weird grey, lilac, purple shade which is captured just perfectly in the new Illamasqua Posture Lipstick. In the bullet I would imagine that most would glance at it and think, what the hell is this lipstick shade for? And to be honest, I was feeling the same at first. Being a good beauty blogger, I gave it a whirl…Illamasqua Grey Purple Posture Mauve Lipstick Matte Review Swatch Jayne J Read British Beauty Blogger ParanormalWhen you see it on the skin, it feels more like a twist on a nude shade. I love how it looks on Alice from Super Gorgeous. On my skin tone, I’m not sure how often I would personally wear it as it is, as it is a strange shade, but I wanted to show you that it is wearable. However, this lipstick can come in handy for mixing, you’ve got to remember that Illamasqua is a professional make up brand and it’s quite a normal thing for make up artists to mix shades to personalise colours.

Illamasqua Posture Lipstick Mixed with Magnetism Paranormal Swatch and ReviewAbove, I layered Illamasqua Magnetism over the top of Posture which creates a very wearable rosy petal shade, which I just love. So, what I’m saying is don’t judge a lipstick on first appearance, this weird grey shade looks amazing when mixed. I can’t wait to try it with other shades.

Overall, Illamasqua Posture Lipstick is a full coverage, very pigmented matte shade, which goes on easily from the bullet or with a brush. I’ve got naturally dark lips so was quite surprised to see that it covers in one layer and without any prep.

Would you wear Illamasqua Posture Lipstick?

Do you ever mix shades?

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1 thought on “Ilamasqua Paranormal Collection Lipstick in Posture Review

  1. Thanks for the mention Jayne! You look fab in that photo – love what you’ve done with the palette 🙂 It’s amazing how different lipstick can look on different people – it looks a lot lighter on me, but I agree – sometimes it’s rather nudey – it’s one of those magical, colour-changing-depending-on-lots-of-factors-like-lighting-clothing-skintone kinda lippies! x

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