Orange Hair with La Riche Directions in Tangerine Review

Hello everyone! It’s been a while I know. Life is still being strange to be at the moment having recently separated from my husband and starting a new job. However, I’m surprisingly positive right now, enjoying being myself and doing lots of things that I may not have done had I still been in a relationship, wearing purple disco pants and dying my hair being two of those things!

Anyway, as many of you will have seen, I have a hair makeover a month or so ago with Sinead Kelly, you can read about it here. Since then my colour has faded so I thought it was about time I experimented with the bright colours that I’ve always wished I could wear.

So, today I had a go with some La Riche Directions Tangerine, with the hopes that it would brighten up and tone my colour without much fuss.

Orange Hair with La Riche Directions in Tangerine Review and Swatch Jayne J Read Jayne Read Jayne's Kitschen London Beauty Blog British BloggerThese little pots of hair dye come in a vast selection of bright colours and are very cheap, I bought mine from Amazon for about £5 each, there’s some great sites out there as well which show the outcome of various bright coloured dyes on different bases, Beauty’s Bad Habit shared this one with me which is very useful if you’re feeling curious.

La Riche Directions Tangerine Hair Dye Review and Swatch with British Beauty Blogger Jayne J Read of Jayne's Kitschen Blog in London for Orange Hair

This shade looks quite nasty in the pot, like barbecue sauce or ketchup, every shade is a thick cream in a little pot. They work to their most vibrant shade on pre-lightened hair but many of them can be used on any hair colour as a toner to add bright tones to any base colour. As with most hair dyes you apply this on wet hair, preferably after clarifying with a silicone free shampoo (to remove directmedicationsonline.com build up that blocks the colour clinging). You comb this thick cream through your hair until you’ve covered everywhere and then leave to develop for about 15 minutes. I wrapped my hair in cling film as the heat helps the shade develop.

Here’s some before and afters for you…

Before and After Photo of La Riche Directions Hair Dye in Tangerine on Blonde Dyed Hair Jayne J Read British Beauty Blogger Jayne's Kitschen London

Because Directions La Riche hair dyes are semi permanent and I didn’t pre lighten my hair, it does not cover roots, but can be used to tone them to make them less obvious. You can see that the Tangerine hair colour has added warmth to my shade.

Before and After Photo of La Riche Directions Hair Dye in Tangerine on Blonde Dyed Hair Jayne J Read British Beauty Blogger Jayne's Kitschen LondonAs you can see in the mid lengths, the colour is much more vibrant but without being over the top, it’s a warm chestnut shade that looks great. However, on my blonde bits from my balayage the Tangerine La Riche Directions hair colour is a more vibrant orange, which reminded me of Liloo from The Fifth Element, I love that film.

Before and After Photo of La Riche Directions Hair Dye in Tangerine on Blonde Dyed Hair Jayne J Read British Beauty Blogger Jayne's Kitschen LondonYou can just about see the vibrancy in the ends in this shot, I just love it. The best thing is that the La Riche Directions colours are only Semi Permanent so will fade and will not drastically damage your hair meaning you can top up and switch colours whenever it fades without having to worry about any long term damaging effects. I’ve got the shade Apricot to try when this one is done and am now extremely tempted to go a lighter blonde shade so I can experiment with more vibrant shades. You can find Directions dyes at a lot of independent stores and on Amazon .

What do you think? 

Have you tried Directions Hair Dyes?

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14 thoughts on “Orange Hair with La Riche Directions in Tangerine Review

  1. Love it! I’ve become a big fan of Directions colours recently. As I’m on the road to platinum so I can do pastels. Yesterday I ended up with lavender streaks while toning my very light blonde hair. I actually like it although everyone else thinks I’m nuts.
    I was really impressed with how soft my hair was after using Directions! Also another great thing is you can use them straight after bleaching as they are semi permanents and mix them to make the colours you want (I have white, pacific blue, violet and a pink one – can’t remember the name of that!!).

    Mel x

  2. I’ve been using coral red for a while now. Starts of orangey red and fades to an orangle colour. Tried the colour you have, but it does nothing over my natural colour. I can’t bleach my hair to lighten it, as my hair is so thick, it makes my hair too coarse and dry.

    Looks good 🙂

  3. This looks amazing! I was a bit unsure when you said you were doing this but it looks gorgeous xx

  4. Love it, and your bravery! I’ve had raspberry hair dye in my cupboard for ages now but am too nervous to try it out!

  5. love that colour. looks exactly like the one i had for months! didnt know la riche did that colour too. though i always found that those colours faded a lot and dyed everything else. so i’ll sticl to my paprika power 😀

  6. Directions have always been my go-to for bright colours. Love the brand.

  7. oh this looks lovely! I might give some of them a go, slightly worried how it’ll turn out on greying hair though. Soon see I suppose! x

  8. Ah wow, that colour is fabulous!
    I’m so tempted to colour my hair again, fancy a bit of a Kelly Osbourne grey-lilac. Never used Directions before but think I might give them a go!

  9. Oh wow! You really suit the orange, brings outs the tone of your skin. I’m already checking out the site to see about getting my hair more violet after my previous attempt went wrong with conventional colouring. Excited is not the word 🙂 x

  10. Lovelovelove it! It suited you when you first had it done and now you’ve freshened it up I love it even mooooooooooore!! So bright and fresh <3

  11. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Damn, this is making me miss my old orange hair so bad!

  12. La la la la love it!

  13. I love this colour, I think it really adds warmth to your face. I’ve never really dyed my hair, because weave often does it for me! Cheeky I know! It’s really interesting to how see how dye works. I love Fith Element too, its such a dynamic film!

    LiLi Xx

  14. […] I got a nice orange tone to the hair, not as bright as when I’ve used Directions Tangerine, but still nice. It was easy to rinse out and hasn’t caused as much staining to bed sheets […]

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