Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Rose Scented Guest Soaps Review

I’m back! Sorry if you’ve missed me, but as some of you will know, things have been a bit strange for me lately and lots of things have been changing. I’m just trying to get back into a normal routine now, so hopefully I’ll be back into the swing of blogging regularly, very, very soon.

Anyway, you know me, I can’t resist cute, kitsch things. So, when theses Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Guest Soaps landed on my doorstep, you can imagine my squeals of joy. They are just adorable!

Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Shaped Rose Scented Guest Soaps with Tails Review and Photos

Part of the Patisserie de Bain range from Rose & Co Apothecary, these little cuties are designed to be given as a gift so come beautifully wrapped in a set of four. The box is the typical Rose & Co style in pastel pink and blue with a strong vintage vibe. Inside the box, each little mousey soap sits inside a patisserie, cupcake wrapper to make the presentation even more adorable.

Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Shaped Rose Scented Guest Soaps with Tails Review and Photos

Each little mouse soap is moulded into it’s dinky form complete with ears and eyes and finished off with a ribbon tail. They are so cute! The soap formula is a pretty standard soap, nothing to shout about there but it is beautifully scented with a rose fragrance, that lingers on the skin after use, this is great for me as it’s one of my favourite scents!

I snook one of these into my soap dish whilst my Mum was visiting at the weekend and loved her reaction, she too gave out a squeal of joy, followed by giggles that went on for quite a while. So, if you’re looking to brighten up the Bathroom or to give a quirky gift, these are perfect and you can pick them up from Rose & Co in Haworth, selected House of Fraser, Heals stores and various independent retailers for about £10.

What do you think of these cute soaps?

Have you tried anything from Rose & Co?

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3 thoughts on “Rose & Co Sugar Mouse Rose Scented Guest Soaps Review

  1. I think these are adorable too, and I’d definitely purchase them! x

  2. These are fab, on the hunt to purchase them now…I love sugar mice!

  3. Awww its soo cute and I love pink color. Will definitely order them 🙂

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